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The new Foundation website is now live, hope you enjoy!
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I really like the new design and layout
hulu has all of the ted talks - what would it take for them to have diggnation and foundation, ect?
Awesome! I love the site! Can't wait for future episodes.
+Kevin Rose Great look and feel. Hey, were you looking for feedback, and if so, is there a feedback mechanism I can use?
Honestly love watching these, Kevin. Thanks for putting it together. They're providing a great perspective…

The only gripe I have is sometimes, when you shoot, say, in the middle of foursquare's HQ… the noise is a bit distracting. I know you mic the interviewees and probably have time/location constraints though.
i have to admit, i love how clean the layout is
Wow, this is a fantastic demo of how the new YouTube can look good. I mean, really good. Fantastic camera work and lighting. I'll be looking forward to each new episode as these come in!
Nicely done. Love the part about BBSes. I had one too. Now how do I get interviewed?
Slick looking site for sure... I have a little UI bug report though, the arrows for the side scroller, I clicked on them as I was hoping it would jump me to the end of the list, but instead it refreshed the page and started me at the beginning.
Greg !
Great site Kevin and love your interviews !
be awesome to have an what is foundation / about us for those like me who live under a rock
love seeing the human side of things.
great website, gets straight to the content which is fabulous
How about some interviews with women?
Like these low key interviews a lot. The new site is great, also thought I would put this diary together to help with share Foundation content....
Must. Watch. Every. Episode.
i like this a lot Kevin. Well done
Very nice looking site. I love the feel of the videos and that has been captured in the site design!
too funny @ Lauren F.
That totally blew me away, nice work.
Nice site kinda sucks that signing up for email kills the video though. Should target="_blank" or JavaScript it.
Excellent interview, Kevin. Dennis Crowley is a very humble man.
Would be nice if the horizontal scroll of the episodes worked with finger gestures/swipes. The arrows seem to move through the episodes too fast... Might be more of an issue as more videos are posted...
I love the mobile site but where is the "view full site" option? 
+Chris Mildebrandt , really? Left to right? Doesn't seem to work in Chrome for me... Do you need an extension for that?
It's looking good. Perhaps some easing on the video slider would make it easier to navigate.
Looks really nice!

I see you're using HTML5 markup. That's great!. But, there are a few things you could fix:

* The type attribute isn't needed on the script elements and the idea with HTML5 is that you don't specify it unless needed. The only reason you'd need to use @type on the script element is if you're using vbscript for IE or a specific js version for mozilla. Since you're not, you should omit @type for script elements. Browsers will know it's js.

* You don't need type="text/css" for your link elements either.

* I see for your link element, you have media="screen". What about "projection" and others? Why the limit to just "screen"?

* Why the use of an HTML entity in the title element? You're using utf-8 there. You can just use the real character. Same thing for the copyright symbol at the bottom of the page. You're using an HTML entity and you don't need to. In general, and especially with HTML5 markup, you're expected to not use entities for characters that you can just include as-is.

* You might want to take a look at and fix some of those errors (maybe not the touch event ones though or handle those in script instead).

* In your css blocks in the style sheets, you're putting a ';' after the last property in a block. That ';' is not necessary. You only need ';' to separate properties. Putting one at the end is like putting a comma at the end of a comma-separated list.

* For the meta and link elements, you're closing them with /> instead of just >. The / is unnecessary in this case and doesn't help with parsing, validity or authoring, and the page doesn't need to be compatible with XML, so the / is needed for that either.
Wow, Michael Plus, I don't know whether to applaud your attention to detail or be disgusted at your sensitivity to insignificant, unhelpful trivia. Have you ever had a manager tell you to stop fiddling and just get it to work?
+Paul Price :) (Those were just FYIs, as many don't know those things. They weren't obsessive nitpicks)
I would agree with the comment above that the slider seems a little fast. Also the fact that the only mobile option is to go to iTunes is possibly a little narrow. I think it's a clever solution but you should have a "view full site" option, especially for users who arent on an Apple device.

Those minor gripes aside, its a really great design! Keep up the good work, loving these interviews.
Very neat. Apart from the font, on the main page "Dennis Crowley" doesn't look too slick.
Nice theme, i like something like that for mi audio Podcast on Blogger
What a beautiful site! Love the show!
The website is crisp. I really enjoy the relaxed style of conversation that each episode of Foundation brings. Keep up the great work, Kevin.
Great layout! Keep up the good interviews.
Nice and clean, great design and great interviews...thx
One of the greatest sites a saw this year.
It's awesome to get such a personal, and "real" look into the backgrounds of such influential people. Great stuff! keep it up :)
open in itunes? is that all? or is that just the mobile version?
bold and dynamic and clean, really nice work
I am really loving this website!!! I am watching episode 1 at work
Clean, functional, and professional, just like the show itself. Classic.... now all you have to do is figure out an excuse to interview Merlin Mann, because really, that would be awesome. Such a funny guy.
My question is, how much does Belize charge for a .bz domain?
I like the design for the desktop. Not sure how it shows up on ios, but on my android it comes up with a clean interface but it links me to itunes. A nice html 5 with mobile browser detection would be nice for your android followers. Just a thought.
if you resize the window small enough it switches to the mobile layout. pretty cool.
Man... man... man... man... man... Ten episodes and no women? Tsk...
From now on I'm gonna try to guess (read: suggest) who the next guest will be. I'll start with +Dave Morin of Path.
Kevin - The Foundation interviews are great. It's helpful to hear about the challenges these people faced in start-ups and their creative solutions.
you're a really awesome interviewer kevin, pretty impressive journalism skills for a techie :)
+Kevin Rose I like to know about the developers of the site and like to gain more knowledge about the site.. And your work is really appreciated as an interviewer, there are lot of thing to learn from you.
Awesome show.
Very cool. Only thing I'd change is adding 'event.preventDefault' on click for the video navigation arrows. I clicked them thinking that's how you navigate, and was jumped to the top.
Amazing Design! Love it.

Are you comming to Germany for this years Oktoberfest?
Just a minor detail.. after selcting a clip by clicking "watch it" , I still have to press play???
Billy T
what happened to this show?
disappointing...pretty much white male club

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