The Dbmier A4 LED Ultra-Thin Light Tracer

I've been wanting a lightbox for quite some time now. After many years of an entirely digital workflow I've gone back to traditional pencil and paper drawing, and a lightbox is an essential part of my traditional workflow. So much so that I've been using my old Cintiq as a lightbox. But in order to get this to work I've had to work in a very dark room. Not ideal for artwork. So now I have the Dbmier A4 LED Ultra-Thin Light Tracer.

The build quality is great and the size of it is amazing. It's thin, light, very easy to handle, and takes up hardly any space at all, and yet is solid and won't bend. But the best part about this is the quality of the light area itself. There are three levels of brightness and the light is well balanced around the whole area, no dark, blotchy patches anywhere. So now I can trace anything I want without shutting myself up in darkness. Brilliant.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a lightbox.

I got mine from:

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