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Ah, the dangers of using stock photography ;-)
 +Mitsubishi Electric Germany 

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thanks for sharing!
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Put a little pumpkin spice into your sex life
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Leave it to the Aussies to make weapon fighting safe enough for pro sports and then video gameify it based on what a real match might look like.  I'm really looking forward to seeing it in person! :) 
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+Arne Hurnik No idea.
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I call bullshit!
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360 Ball.
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It’s kind of like table tennis, kind of like squash, and looks like it would definitely be a good workout – it’s 360ball, a new racquet sport out of South Africa. Games are played on a circular court by two players, or two teams of two players, who are situated around a central concave deflecting disc. Players hit the ball into the disc, trying to do so in such a way that when it bounces out, their opponent(s) won’t be able to reach it. Unlike tennis, say, there are no designated sides on which players have to remain. Instead, everyone is allowed to move 360 degrees around the disc as play dictates ... hence the name
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Cosmic Calender which was made by Carl Sagan. According to this calender, our cosmos is about 13.5 billion years old. The interesting thing is that we humans were born on the last minute of the last hour of the last day of the last month of the Cosmic Calender.
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Design HV isolation equipment.
Electronics, Telecommunications, EPR, design for EMC, high speed design.
    Design Engineer, 2006 - present
    design, manufacture outsourcing, and testing of HV isolation equipment for telecommunication lines in EPR conditions. Schematic entry, PCB design, pre-production, testing, type approval, manufacture. BOM creation and maintenance. Parts procurement.
  • Ericsson
    Design Technician, 1991 - 2001
    Technical assistance with design of telecommunication equipment. Progressed to head design tech for development of ISDN based internet solution HiS. Specifically POTS interface and signalling. EMC and High Speed PCB design .
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