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Call it a century egg, preserved egg, thousand year egg, or horse piss egg. It still tastes as good.
I always have to remind myself that if I explain cheese, that amazing delicious substance I love and cherish from my home state of Wisconsin, it probably sounds rather disgusting to someone who has never had it. Ew, you let the milk go bad and curdle and then let it get old, and then you eat that??
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Kevin Revolinski

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This was the best hummus I've ever had in my life. Hashim in Amman, Jordan. Good lord...
Restaurant Hashim. Could be the best hummus I’ve ever had in my life. Anyone who already has a guidebook will already know this. With some falafel and fuul to match. Hashim in Amman was the first and last place I ate in Jordan during my 10 days there. Some Facebook followers might recall my
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Another great Japanese Craft Brewer's taproom in Tokyo. Forget Super Dry, Japan has some great microbrews these days:
Baird Beer, from one of Japan's best craft brewers, can be found on tap at most places serving Japanese beer (see Popeye in Tokyo). However, they also have their own dedicated tap rooms. While enjoyed a pint of their beer at Good Faucets in Shibuya, the guy at my elbow at the bar tipped me off
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Another food challenge for me: Eating raw horse meat in Japan
It seems every time I go to Japan, I try something else a little off the beaten culinary path. There was that raw chicken meal last fall as well as the tuna eye in Okinawa. At this point, sea cucumber and such seems a little tame. I still need to try blowfish. But this time, with a few days in
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Kevin Revolinski

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Great Yangon restaurant recommendations for Thai readers
บล็อกที่แล้วพูดเรื่องที่เที่ยวไปแล้ว คราวนี้จะพาตะลุยร้านอาหารที่ไมà
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I had to clean my camera sensor in Bangkok, Thailand. Why was I nervous?
At first I could ignore them. A couple of vague spots might show up in the clouds on a wide shot or were hidden inside darker images. I could always clone them away if they were noticeable. But then you get a beauty mark a la Marilyn Monroe on an old street vendor's nose and you have to be honest
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Kevin Revolinski

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The Japanese, the masters of the toilet. Check out Tokyo Haneda's restrooms, a traveler's... well, maybe not a dream, exactly. Who dreams of such things?
If there is one thing I hate – and believe me, there is way more than one – it's the airport restroom. Especially when traveling alone and you have no one to watch your bags, it becomes a bit of a circus act in there. Stalls are often way too small, or the door swings shut too close to the
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Kevin Revolinski

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It made me hungry just writing about it. I'll be going back there in May! Can't wait!
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Kevin Revolinski

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Ever had pide in Turkey? How about Black Sea pide??? 
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บล็อกที่แล้วพูดเรื่องที่เที่ยวไปแล้ว คราวนี้จะพาตะลุยร้านอาหารที่ไมà

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Some of the best Black Sea style pide you're going to find in Istanbul. Fantastic, and we went back twice in the same week after that first visit.
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