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Kevin Ready

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Kendo in Japan on January 2nd 2014. "HatsuKeiko" - first group practice session of the year. Turns out I ended up on the evening news broadcast by virtue of being the only foreigner in the audience. 

The first video is a "Jodo" form, which is unusual to see but imminently more practical than using a sword as a martial art (Kendo, kenjutsu) - though both are very interesting to practice. 

The last video is a kendo match between two very intense 6 year old girls. Not what 2nd graders do in the US by any means.
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Kevin Ready

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Well put. 
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Kevin Ready

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What does "Keep Austin Weird" actually mean? Here it is, in case you didn't know.
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And here I thought it was just a marketing phrase to try and cash in on a period of time that most of its current residents never actually even saw ;-) 
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Kevin Ready

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Dr. Strangelove and nuclear armageddon closer to reality than anyone ever knew? The New Yorker Magazine shares the details...
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Kevin Ready

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Shinto Shine at dusk, in winter. Photo that looks like Han-Ga-E (woodblock print). Location: Sumiyoshi Menoto Jinja in Menoto Danchi, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. 
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