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Writer and coffee snob in Buffalo, NY


Because someone here was so nice to me, I'll throw it back: I've got a +OnePlus  invite for whomever wants it. First come, first serve (within reason: I can contact you, etc.)

/me puts on sheepish mask

If anyone has any +OnePlus invites burning a hole in their pocket ... well, I'd appreciate a nod. I pre-ordered but canceled earlier this week, thinking I could fix the problems with my current phone. And, like voodoo medicine, it felt like I'd fixed them the day after I canceled. But now? Now I kind of want back in :-\

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It's good to get a rough idea of your steps, your exercise, your daily routines. But a Bluetooth device lightly resting on your wrist (or a phone in your pocket) cannot really count calories. Because not even scientists are really good at counting calories.

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The best Android battery improvement I've ever seen is a simple brightness app

If you can tell your phone exactly how bright you need it in the dark, the daylight, and other situations, you can save a lot of battery life. A lot.

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Smartphone screens: soon to beat sand, but still vulnerable to gravity

It's easy to forget, in the realm of always-improving phones, that physics and science have some fairly hard limits. Want to make something thin, radio-transparent, touch-sensitive, oil-resistant, light, bright, scratch-resistant, and fracture-proof? We honestly have 7 of those 8 things nailed down, but it's really hard to get the 8th included. Gravity, man. And loose jeans pockets.

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Make your printer a Google Cloud Print printer

It's about $150, which is no small shakes. But the xPrintServer might be far less than the cost of a brand-new printer. And it makes it possible for you and others to print to almost any semi-modern USB or wireless printer. I wrote up a semi-review of this little bit of hardware at +ITworld.

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+IFTTT on #android (sorry for the optimizing!) is very, very cool, and the automation options deep. I grabbed a whole bunch of ideas and recipes and jammed them into a post.

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Man, NFC tags are cheap fun

For about $10 (with Prime shipping), I got myself 11 waterproof NFC tags that work with my HTC One. Less than a week later, and I've got them on my bike, in my car, on my bed-side table (oh, grow up), and on the coat rack at CoworkBuffalo. What made me want to get them was the power of Trigger, a do-this-when-this app that's a bit easier to grok then Tasker.

Check out some of my nerdy little uses at ITworld.

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What, exactly, is Google getting out of #ingress? The Niantic team has an official answer (or two), and the rest of the web has its theories.

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Chrome Remote Desktop now in Google Play for Android. Sweet!
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