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Making it "official' that I dig this.
DashClock is a replacement lock screen clock widget for Android 4.2+. It al...
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another reason to be mad at verizon for not updating the galaxy nexus to 4.2 yet!!!
Its actually a pretty nice and responsive widget. Between Dream Weather and this I always have the current temp on my lockscreen. 
Im having trouble making it the lock screen. downloaded. installed. can't move it into place. what am i missing?
+Jeff Jarvis you should be able to long press the widget and movie it closest to the camera lock screen widget. That makes it the default widget.
+Jeff Jarvis It's tricky, and I hang my user-friendly hat. But! Swipe to the left on lock screen. Add DashClock. Now, get back to the lock, swipe left, and long press on the dash clock. You can move it to the right of the main widget, and then remove the main widget when it's on the left. Phew.
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