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*Last call for pay-as-you-go / pre-paid smartphone recommendations *

I recently showed off how little I know about the pay-as-you-go market for smartphones. I have, indeed, been locked into contracts since my very first cellphone.

So! For an upcoming roundup post at +ITworld, I'm taking recommendations and suggestions for networks, phones, and plans to look at. The key is to recreate, or exceed, the speeds, coverage, and data caps of the major contract players. I'll definitely name, link, and shout out your pick if it's relevant (unless you ask me not to).

Any thoughts? Linked is an explainer on Straight Talk, one really keen option that +Dan DeFelippi recommended.
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When in the USA, we use the $30/month plan for budget (EDGE) or the $50 for 3G. Good bang for the buck on prepaid.
I've been thinking hard about Ting myself, but I'm on AT&T now so I've got the upfront cost of new phone. According to their comparator, it would cut my bill about in half. At $40ish a month, I'd break even between 6 and 12 months and then be saving lots of money.
If you're looking for used phones, I recommend  I have had good experience using them.
I've been using straight talk for about 6 months with an AT&T SIM and an unlocked #gnex from the +Google Play store. I've been pretty happy with it, there's much better coverage coverage in my area that I was getting with Virgin and I can bring my own phone. However their claim of unlimited data is BS. The rule of thumb seems to be don't go over 100 mb per day and/or 5 gb per month. I got a warning once when I watched about 400 mb of YouTube over a couple of days. It may be just me but it seems like my coverage is not quite as good as my some of my friends who are on AT&T contract plans, perhaps it's just the radio in my phone. I looked at Ting but the last time I checked they wouldn't let you bring your own device. Since I'm hooked on the Nexus experience that locks me out.
I've been using Straight Talk since June 2012 with a Galaxy Nexus from the Play store.  Absolutely no complaints from me, and I'm saving ~ $50/month versus my old Verizon contract.
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