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Grabbing mine and checking. Anybody else see the 4.2 update yet?

_Update: Ended up grabbing the update ( and manually pushing it through ADB to my Nexus 7. 4.2 impressions in the morning!
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I'm going down now to check my Nexus 7 in the living room!
Nothing on my Galaxy Nexus yet. I usually lose patience and just flash the factory images, 4.2 is already available there. 
I manually updated this morning, and it has been glorious. Except for the Google Voice bug.
My Nexus 7 just started the V4.2 DL about 5 mins ago!
I didn't feel like waiting and pushed it this morning. 
Android V4.2 up and running. About 25 mins start to finish on Nexus 7. 
Just installed 4.2 on my Nexus 7.
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