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5 things to do right away on your new Android phone

Stolen from my still-not-finished-with-update Complete Android Guide, I present 5 of the 10 things you should do right away with any new Android device. What needs to be included in Part 2? I know some of my original suggestions from the book are getting tossed.
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I'd flesh out number two a bit unless you want to be responsible for hordes of people bothering their IT support desk when it's likely to be against company policy / compliance policies to allow that sort of connection to work e-mail.  At least phrase it as them looking into the options - e.g. the company may use something like Good for Enterprise.  The "should be able to" is misleading.  Yes, the technology is capable of doing this, but that doesn't mean one can.
"2) Set up your work email" Definitely not a "must do" for most people. If you are expected to be available 24/7, then fine, set it up. But I figure if I am not at work, I don't need to be bothered with work email.
Serge M
my fave is item #5.  i just set that up on my droid
Isn't #5 considered a security risk. I remember when it was considered poor form to keep your home/work address in your personal GPS, how we're promoting placing that information on the home screen?
If someone physically has your phone, unlocked, in their hand, the jig is up, regardless of putting your address on the home screen.
You can mitigate it, as I did, by pointing your "home" address to the grocery store near your house, for example, so that navigation gets you close, and the fact that you actually live at the house will enable you to get the rest of the way there. 
For me, the benefit is in getting out of the unfamiliar area. Once navigation gets me to a place I am familiar with, I can switch it off. You just need to give the navigation app an idea of where to go. 
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