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Early warning shot: I'm thinking about writing something personal, here and on the blog. About the "When are you having kids?" question. You are now warned.
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As a gay man, I am completely blown away by the pressures heterosexual couples face about having kids. I don't get it.
I think many people would approve of this.
I assume this is in response to the holidays and family, so the correct response is, "When you learn to fix your own computer!"
+George Lara Just wait. Once marriage equality reaches critical mass, I'm sure your family/friends will be asking you when you are getting married and whether you'll adopt or get a surrogate.

Your reprieve on getting asked the kid question just like we have been is gonna end.
Psst Whenever we're ready is  the answer to that question. 
Just tell them you'd have to have "regular" sex for that. You'll get a dear in headlights look and they won't ask ever again.
You're going to write about when I'm thinking about having kids? Weird.
Just got married... I hate this question. We always reply with never 
Just get a vasectomy. Takes the guess work out for the family. 
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