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NFC has too many features to catch the popular imagination

Bluetooth? We know what Bluetooth does. Same with Wi-Fi, 4G, Siri, and other phone technologies. But NFC, a feature that can really change the way a phone works and functions, is almost too fraught with possibility to catch on with phone buyers and accessory makers.
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Good point +Brock Hatfield . For a short time after buying my last device (HTC One S), I regretted not getting one w/ NFC, but now about 6 months on, I'm not really missing it. The tinkerer in me would love to mess around with the many possibilities, but I've never said to myself "damn, I wish I had NFC right now".
I've been so tempted to buy some NFC stickers and program them to do something cool many times.

But I can't figure out what that cool thing is. Turn on and off WiFi and bluetooth? Not worth it to me.

Somebody will think of something I'm sure. Just wish the million dollar idea could come from me. 
Oh, I do realize that. I didn't explain well.

I see those as cool ideas, but I bet I don't have 2 friends that would be likely to show up at my house that have (or know they have rather) NFC in their phone. So something like that is limited for me.

I still am tempted to set it up because it would be fun and would teach me more about using NFC and maybe that helps me trigger something else to do with it.

We'll see. I do think there is more potential here.
I wanted NFC. I recognized it's potential. But it was not available on the phone that I upgraded to a year ago (a Motorola Razr Maxx). I definitely plan for my next phone to include NFC.
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