Choice results from a survey of Ingress players

+ "The game is dominated by liberal Anglophone men.  The average Ingress player is 30.5 years old, male (91%), non-religious (64%), and speaks English as their first language (60%)."
+ "Almost one in three players have skirted around the law: 16% said they had “knowingly broken legal or local regulations in order to play Ingress” and a further 15% ominously said “maybe”."
+ "93% of players have done more walking, 24% have gone cycling, and 10% have gone hillwalking/trekking to play the game."
+ "A whopping 74% of players have driven in their car to play Ingress" (denoted in post as an unfortunate side effect)

Full post has more details. What have you discovered about the teams, community, and yourself by playing Ingress?
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