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Have you ever tried out Google Voice and then stopped, or lost interest? I have a feeling that people who make the commitment really dig it (minus an irk here and there), but I can't say I know anyone who signed up, got a number, and just doesn't use it. But tell me I'm wrong.

+ Update: Two really common hang-ups about GVoice: changing your number and MMS messages. I can understand the first point--I bit the bullet, but definitely had some other-number-stragglers for 3 months or so

On MMS messages, there's one thing I can't understand at all: Why doesn't GVoice, at the very least, ping a Voice user with "[Contact/Number] wants to send you a picture, but Voice doesn't support MMS at this point." The better version would be where they take in the MMS attachment, store it in your Picasa/Plus/Google storage, or just in their cloud, and send you a link to the image/video to view it.

Maybe MMS is more complicated than I imagine it is--it certainly took a while to get it on iPhones, on just one carrier. Or maybe it's a flash point for spam. Either way, it would be nice to hear something on it. (nudge, nudge, +Vincent Paquet?)

++ One more update: You can make your number port, MMS, or other Google Voice desires known at this official request page:
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I use mine all the time, but actually most of my use is for txting.
My favorite thing about Google Voice is that it killed MMS for me. I do not miss MMS AT ALL.
I have a number, never use it, but plan to one day....
Don't use it as much as I thought I would, but that might change now that the apps/reg acct is a little more integrated.
Use it exclusively. I just wish it had MMS support.
I have a number but never give it out. I use it mainly for my sprint cell phone voice mail.
I use it to make calls at times, but couldn't get people to start using it enough to use it full time.
I use it every day. I'd be committed fully, but it goes through phases where it forwards my calls to some other guy (with no old phone active or anything... It's nothing that's my fault). That's a big enough problem that I wouldn't want that on a resume or something...
It's been my "one number" since it was GrandCentral, rather than Google Voice.
I use it as my voicemail service, because I love the transcript feature.

I give my close friends my actual cell phone number, but list my Voice number on Facebook so any of my connections can reach me if they need to without having my personal number.

I also use the option where my cell shows that my Voice number is calling, so I'm more likely to let it go to voicemail.
Once I bit the bullet and ported my number over--meaning I didnt' have to give anyone a new number to call--I started loving it.
I didn't port my number, but I adopted the GV number for all my professional uses. I love it. I would adopt it fully, but I don't like the Android app enough to use it to text all the time. Great service though.
I have used it for a while and use it everyday. It's one of my favorite Google services. Free unlimited texts from anywhere with a data connection has been amazing for me. Also love the voicemail transcriptions and cheap int'l calls. I still wonder why more people aren't using it.
I have been using it since the Grand Central days and I exclusively text with it too. I sent a MMS message to my son the other day from my carrier number and he responded back "Who is this?"!! I never use my carrier number. If they would get MMS support I would never use my other number.
I like how 12 out of the last 16 replies ignored your question. Well 13 if you count this one.
No. I have not stopped or lost interest. In fact, my interest has increased to the point that it is essential in my day-to-day communications.

I've had the service since it was Grand Central, though never really used it until Google bought them out... I was given the option to change my number at that time, and lucked out being able to spell my name with the last 4 digits, so... it's become very easy for people to remember my number, now!

Also, since I am a poor artist, I end up using a lot of pre-paid telephones. Google Voice has been essential for me to maintain the facade of continuity in my telecommunications!
It is my exclusive Voice (phone number and voicemail) and Text (SMS). I don't even give out my real phone number anymore.

I with it had MMS and Fax.
I've been using GV for ages, and come to depend on it for voicemail and my SF number.. course, I don't physically use the app or visit the site often; its a service I simply use and need.
+Steve Birchfield OK I guess you answered it. But it's like when you send out an email saying "did anyone lose a gold earring in the breakroom?" and 100 people write back "I didn't".
Good point, Stephan. Sorry I wasn't clear. So my actual answer: Yes, I got it, used it for about a hot second, and then said "eff this" because none of my friends and family would change my number in their phone. Once I ported my number and didn't have to deal with that, I was all about it.
I sat on that number picking thing for DAYS and got 646.875.8755. The best google number ever. You better freakin believe I use it!
I started using GV a couple years ago and made it my primary number early last year. I absolutely love it, and the tight GV integration with my Android phone doesn't hurt either.
I've tried it out, and I like it, but I'm really afraid to invest in it only to have the big G sideline it in a year or so if they shift priorities or something like that. I'm looking into Grasshopper for professional use, but otherwise I'm staying with my regular ol' phone number.
I started using GV just after Google bought GrandCentral. It took me about a year to make it my primary number. I've never looked back.
I started using it while it was still GrandCentral. Loved it then, and love it now. For me, the only hurdle to complete adoption is lack of MMS. That would be the complete package!
I love it and have been using it as my main line since the beta. Only problems I have is sometimes not getting a text or two because of some notification issue with my iPhone. It's not Google Voice because I'll check the website and the message is there. The transcriptions could be improved as well.
I stopped using it primarily because GVoice doesn't receive MMS messages and there are still a large group of people in my circle of friends that can't comprehend when I say "don't send pictures here, send them to my email address"
G Voice is my main phone. I use it all the time
Lately, I've been using it more and more. I've always used it for voicemail (I have calls barred on my phone because I can't talk) and as an alternative way to receive and send texts, but lately, I've been using it for cards/services. Like before, I used to have GameStop call my home/parents' number when a game comes in. Now however, I have them call my Google Voice number. GameStop is the only entity that calls me lol I've been trying to get my friends to call me and leave a voicemail, but they're all reluctant to. I may not be able to talk, but I still like to be called, y'know? 
I have one reserved to use as a business number. I didn't want to get another phone line for the occasional business call, so G Voice seemed like a good idea. Now I just need to actually start posting the number for people to use... Despite that, I did receive one voice mail through that number that sounded like it was from a sex hotline. Dan and I got a good laugh from it.
I use it. It's the only way I can send text messages internationally for free. At least, the only way that I know of.

On a side note, I have tried desperately to get people to use the Google+ huddle feature on their phones, but it's not working out. People are such chodes....where is the love for new software? It's the best part of Google+.
Sorry Purdman, I only use it for voicemail instead of sprint. I also only use 1 phone, ever.
+Brandon Rosenbaum: Wow, good tip. I'm including that in a post I'm writing up for Fast Company (or perhaps elsewhere, if they don't love the angle).
+Sean Brunett: I think those are all great reasons, but the main reason it's not as popular as it could be is the need for a number switch. Sprint is the only carrier where it's not at least a minor pain in the butt.
+Matthew Lazear: I hear you about trying to get people into Huddles. That entire morning coffee club you met while you were here? Yeah, not a single one responded to two different messages.
I use Google Voice for 1 thing - incoming business calls. The only reason is that I can have it ring multiple phones, or easily change which phone rings through. When I'm co-working or out, it's my cell, and when I'm home, it's my home line. I never have to give my cell # out to clients.

But I never make calls with it, and I never use it for anything other than that.
I have a number but never use it. The verification or some early set up thing failed and I never pursued it past that. But visiting the Google Voice site (who knew there was one) confirms that I still have the number.
I have a Google voice number that I use as my company pager number - I route that number to my personal cell to hide it from others.
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