Have you ever tried out Google Voice and then stopped, or lost interest? I have a feeling that people who make the commitment really dig it (minus an irk here and there), but I can't say I know anyone who signed up, got a number, and just doesn't use it. But tell me I'm wrong.

+ Update: Two really common hang-ups about GVoice: changing your number and MMS messages. I can understand the first point--I bit the bullet, but definitely had some other-number-stragglers for 3 months or so

On MMS messages, there's one thing I can't understand at all: Why doesn't GVoice, at the very least, ping a Voice user with "[Contact/Number] wants to send you a picture, but Voice doesn't support MMS at this point." The better version would be where they take in the MMS attachment, store it in your Picasa/Plus/Google storage, or just in their cloud, and send you a link to the image/video to view it.

Maybe MMS is more complicated than I imagine it is--it certainly took a while to get it on iPhones, on just one carrier. Or maybe it's a flash point for spam. Either way, it would be nice to hear something on it. (nudge, nudge, +Vincent Paquet?)

++ One more update: You can make your number port, MMS, or other Google Voice desires known at this official request page: http://www.google.com/support/voice/bin/static.py?page=suggestions.cs
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