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The apps backup that Android should have built-in, now in beta

Little write-up on +Koushik Dutta's Carbon app, which does the kind of app experience backup that should come standard with Android.
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You go to the trouble of wiping your phone only to restore all the crap back onto it? Huh?
When you're trying 15 different ROMS, something like this would be very handy.
+Jason Honingford : Partially, what Aaron said. But moreso, when you wipe your phone, you're usually trying to undo some deeper system problem, or start over, app by app. I should have made it clear that you can selectively restore certain apps back onto your phone, one by one, rather than shove them all back on and take your chances.
If you go ask for support, make sure you tell them you didn't re-install it, but restored it from a 3rd party backup program that just came out of beta. :P
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