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"Leaving" Instagram even further behind, for Flickr

I created my Instagram account when the Android client arrived, and I deleted it roughly one week later, when the Facebook acquisition was announced.

And now I'm joining what I believe may be a nascent movement back into Flickr, where I used to share photos I particularly liked, or that captured particular moments. Android phones make it rather easy to "send" a photo out to Flickr, and Flickr's Android app, while not quite as nice as their very graceful iOS app redesign, is quite nice.

Google Plus is still a handy way to automatically upload/backup photos, and to share out events and the like. But I've used Flickr intermittently since 2007, and here's what is most novel and likable about it: they have never bothered me about my inactivity, never tried to sell my photos out, and allow me to set the licensing I prefer for my own photos.
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That's what instantly i think of when i clicked the button "delete" on instagram. Seriously, from the experience of using FB, i dun think instagram will be focusing on improving user experience in future. Flickr in the other hand was suffering from not evolving fast and keeping up with the time. But sometimes, staying truth to the origins actually is wat we ever needed.
+Kevin Purdy I was much like you and used Flickr almost exclusively for picture sharing with friends and family as we all had pro accounts.  But over time shinier picture sites came along and I have dropped my pro account and moved most of my pictures to Picasa web.  The hard part about Picasa Web or even Google+ pictures (these are different right?) was how to share with others that had no desire to join a social network.  I will look at Flickr again.
+jeffery clark The one-time pass option on Flickr is really useful for albums that you don't want to be publicly available but want to share.

Instagram really began to irritate me in compiling the Consumerist Flickr Finds because there were so many perfectly good mundane but special photos that would have been nice for the Finds but had crap filters on them. Otherwise I have no strong feelings about it.
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