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#ifihadglass I would look at the same things, but I'd worry less about keeping them in a frame I have to hold up. I'd feel free to explore, test, analyze, and document my life as a freelance writer in an upstate NY city. Also: lots of coffee.
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I hope you get a pair! I could borrow them! What? I'll let you borrow my livescribe pen!?:)
Don't lie. You'd put them on Howard and we'd get a first-person view into the life of a dog.
+Sudhir Khanger: Not full-time, especially this early-model white Samsung Chromebook. I do use it for days where I'm hopping around a lot, or have a single-focus task.
+Patrick Quirke I do, usually. I knock brightness to about 70%, and I optimize the number of extensions and memory-grabbers I keep installed.
OMG! THAT WAS COOL! Way to go Kev-o!
Very cool Kevin! Where did they respond to you? I am in the explorers program too and looking forward to making the trip down to NYC from Buffalo as well. 
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