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Kevin Purdy

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Because someone here was so nice to me, I'll throw it back: I've got a +OnePlus  invite for whomever wants it. First come, first serve (within reason: I can contact you, etc.)
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sc chow
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Kevin Purdy

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It's good to get a rough idea of your steps, your exercise, your daily routines. But a Bluetooth device lightly resting on your wrist (or a phone in your pocket) cannot really count calories. Because not even scientists are really good at counting calories.
You knew that calorie counts were estimated. Just not 1903-pencil-chart-and-fire estimated.
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+Mike Starr: Not very good.
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Kevin Purdy

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Smartphone screens: soon to beat sand, but still vulnerable to gravity

It's easy to forget, in the realm of always-improving phones, that physics and science have some fairly hard limits. Want to make something thin, radio-transparent, touch-sensitive, oil-resistant, light, bright, scratch-resistant, and fracture-proof? We honestly have 7 of those 8 things nailed down, but it's really hard to get the 8th included. Gravity, man. And loose jeans pockets.
Phones are getting harder, but not necessarily tougher. What that means, exactly, explained here.
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Kevin Purdy

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+IFTTT on #android (sorry for the optimizing!) is very, very cool, and the automation options deep. I grabbed a whole bunch of ideas and recipes and jammed them into a post.
I have dug deep through IFTTT's shared recipes and other nerdy parts of the web to return with the most useful Android-ready setups.
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On my tablet the app quickly crashed once and from then on kept crashing every time I started it :-(
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Kevin Purdy

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What, exactly, is Google getting out of #ingress? The Niantic team has an official answer (or two), and the rest of the web has its theories.
Official answer 1: Nothing! Official answer 2: Geo-map games! People's answers: more than you can imagine.
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+Mike Starr I don't follow.
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Kevin Purdy

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Having your own data—your photos, files, music, and movies—backed up locally is very smart. Being able to stream your media through Plex to any screen is very cool. And building your own hardware can be a really fun experience, or blast from the past.

That's why I've helped smart dude +lee allen launch an ebook/community project: the moxibox. It's a RAID/ZFS storage box you make yourself, with seriously experienced and tested guidance. Help Lee get moxibox off the ground for very little.
The moxibox is the ultimate home file & media server that you build yourself from off-the-shelf computer components
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I'm seriously thinking of pledging the 100$...
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Kevin Purdy

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/me puts on sheepish mask

If anyone has any +OnePlus invites burning a hole in their pocket ... well, I'd appreciate a nod. I pre-ordered but canceled earlier this week, thinking I could fix the problems with my current phone. And, like voodoo medicine, it felt like I'd fixed them the day after I canceled. But now? Now I kind of want back in :-\
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Kevin Purdy

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The best Android battery improvement I've ever seen is a simple brightness app

If you can tell your phone exactly how bright you need it in the dark, the daylight, and other situations, you can save a lot of battery life. A lot.
A little utility that adjusts your phone's brightness to your own eyes and preferences. And, man, does it work well.
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+Silvana Ruiz you should definitely check this out
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Kevin Purdy

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Make your printer a Google Cloud Print printer

It's about $150, which is no small shakes. But the xPrintServer might be far less than the cost of a brand-new printer. And it makes it possible for you and others to print to almost any semi-modern USB or wireless printer. I wrote up a semi-review of this little bit of hardware at +ITworld.
The Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Edition can turn many, many wireless and USB printers into Cloud-Print-ready printers.
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Kevin Purdy

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Man, NFC tags are cheap fun

For about $10 (with Prime shipping), I got myself 11 waterproof NFC tags that work with my HTC One. Less than a week later, and I've got them on my bike, in my car, on my bed-side table (oh, grow up), and on the coat rack at CoworkBuffalo. What made me want to get them was the power of Trigger, a do-this-when-this app that's a bit easier to grok then Tasker.

Check out some of my nerdy little uses at ITworld.
Make your phone do convenient, geek-approved things when tapped on NFC tags: in your car, on your bike, by your bed. It's really cheap fun.
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Great advice. I particularly love your solution to temporarily shut off wi-fi to solve the "tenuous driveway connection."  I'm trying to replicate it, but I can only find options to shut wi-fi down -- or to toggle -- but not to shut off for only 1 or 2 minutes.  Is that option in Trigger? Tasker?  Agent?  Many thanks!
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Kevin Purdy

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Chrome Remote Desktop now in Google Play for Android. Sweet!
Securely access your computers from your Android device.• On each of your c...
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The big missing part is remote to a Chromebook. I have given my parents a chromebook as it is simple but can not provide remote support to help them at the moment, unless I use some 3rd party tools.
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Kevin Purdy

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Odd motivation to add to my personal blog. But thank you, large media entity that wants free content!
Image via Wikimedia. I woke up this morning to an email from a writer at an international newspaper, who had seen a post of recurring viral popularity of mine from August 2012. Said paper had a column that featured guests, and "... we wanted to invite you to tell us in 150 words the best way to ...
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Nice piece. I still haven't been able to give up the overnight charge, but I do have "do not disturb" on until after I return from the morning dog walk. 
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The owner spent many years working for some of the country's best roasters (Intelligentsia, Gimme, Verve), and you'll see that in the espresso and pour-over served here. Even better: he's made the effort to create a moderate "quick cup," if you don't have seven minutes and $5, but $2 and only two minutes. The space is absolutely the most interesting and visually appealing coffee shop in town. I wrote an article for the local paper before Tipico opened, citing some of the challenges Tipico would face: parking, off-beat location, general fancy-coffee/price issues. I am very glad to have been proven premature in my worry. (Most worry is premature, isn't it? Kind of its nature).
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This is two totally different Starbucks: one, during 23 hours of the day, when it's a space with Starbucks coffee and some standard, small-seat furniture. The other Starbucks, when the nearby private school has let out at about 3pm, is something of a dystopian future roleplay set. In any case, really strong Wi-Fi, which is something you can't say for the other coffee shops on Elmwood.
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I left thoroughly impressed with the experience, even (especially) after paying the bill. It's a festive and well-appointed space that doesn't feel stuffy. The cocktail list is vast. All the hand, cheeses, small plates, and desserts we tried were either evocative and true to the same dishes we had at well-reviewed tapas spots (including a few from South America) (yes, I know that's not Spain), or creatively different and fun to try. Highlights: the "best ham on earth," broccoli, patatas bravas, churros.
• • •
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Expect longer lines and waits at meal times at this downtown Ted's than you'd get in the suburbs. That said, it's a cool mix of a sleek modern space and a very established tradition.
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reviewed 3 months ago
11 reviews
Not only are the breakfast sandwiches tasty, varied, and a pretty good value, they don't look down on people who buy salted chocolate cookies with breakfast.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
You can get as much out of KC's as you want to put into it. I've attended classes here (beginner's boxing, kettle bells, strength and endurance training) and been a facilities-only member. In both cases, you can expect courteous, knowledgeable staff that show up on time, and make sure you're not doing anything to injure yourself. It's not a dating scene, it's not an abandoned warehouse. It's an honest-to-goodness gym, one of the few where it always seems evenly split between men and women.
• • •
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It's a spacious, no-nonsense place, and I've felt well cared for by the trainers.
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reviewed 3 months ago