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What, exactly, is Google getting out of #ingress? The Niantic team has an official answer (or two), and the rest of the web has its theories.
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I think it's pretty clear they are gathering data on human group tactics and strategies in warfare so they can counter-program the AI in that scary Boston Dynamics bipedal robot and his scary dog/cat robot.
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Kevin Purdy

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Having your own data—your photos, files, music, and movies—backed up locally is very smart. Being able to stream your media through Plex to any screen is very cool. And building your own hardware can be a really fun experience, or blast from the past.

That's why I've helped smart dude +lee allen launch an ebook/community project: the moxibox. It's a RAID/ZFS storage box you make yourself, with seriously experienced and tested guidance. Help Lee get moxibox off the ground for very little.
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I'm seriously thinking of pledging the 100$...
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Kevin Purdy

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Goodbye, Google Voice. The phone world has changed, but you haven't changed much. I'm breaking up with you.
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My main complaint is that I receive text messages as much as 30 minutes late.  For an instantaneous medium, that's unacceptably long delay.
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Kevin Purdy

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Hey. Hey, gang.

This week's <In Beta> is about, well, you know ... it's about Google+. I've been thinking about Google+ lately, and trying to come to terms with what it really is, what it is best used for, things like that. And ... I tlaked about it, with +Christie Koehler  for a good hour or so. And there you have it.

I'm not resentful of Google+, for providing some truly helpful tools (photos and Hangouts, in particular). But other pieces of Google+ make far less sense to me. And I try not to be a bad Google+ user who only posts links to his own things but, well, you can see how that's turning out.

So here it is. Please to enjoy.
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My Google+ stream is engaging, enlightening, comforting, surprising, humorous, mind boggling, instructional, helpful and always worth my time.

I use Google+ to gather information on topics I'm interested in, to reach out to experts in fields I have questions in, to bond with others who have the same interests and sometimes just for a quick laugh in the middle of the day.

Google+ works quite well for me. I visit several times a day. I don't post content that often but I do comment and share. I like having posts from people in my circles come up in my regular Google searches. I've met interesting people from around the world and all across my country. I can fine tune what I see at any given moment to meet my needs.

I think perhaps the problems people have with Google+ is due to the "beta" nature of the service. It's constantly changing - sometimes improving, sometimes not.  So yeah, sometimes I get irritated when I can't easily figure out how to do something that should be easy. It can be frustrating when Google takes away or changes my favorite feature. For me the benefits of being on a constantly innovating platform outweigh the frustrations. I love those moments when Google comes out with something new and I feel like I'm living in the future.

There are circles of people, some are Google employees but many are not, who spend hours per day writing, collecting and posting helpful tips on how to make Google+ useful to you. Add those people to one of your circles and it won't take long to get your Google+ to work the way you want it to.
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Kevin Purdy

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In my version of Maps when I go to the search bar, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of suggestions, I get the download maps offline option too.
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Chrome Remote Desktop now in Google Play for Android. Sweet!
Securely access your computers from your Android device.• On each of your c...
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The big missing part is remote to a Chromebook. I have given my parents a chromebook as it is simple but can not provide remote support to help them at the moment, unless I use some 3rd party tools.
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Kevin Purdy

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Odd motivation to add to my personal blog. But thank you, large media entity that wants free content!
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Nice piece. I still haven't been able to give up the overnight charge, but I do have "do not disturb" on until after I return from the morning dog walk. 
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Kevin Purdy

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To celebrate Hayao Miyazaki's final masterpiece and extraordinary film career, we along with Studio Ghibli are asking deviants to create an art piece by his Oscar nominated film, The Wind Rises, opening 2/28/14 in North America. 

Enter now!
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Miyazaki, un gran regalo para el cine manga desde Japon, tengo todas sus peliculas...
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Daredevil by JSON.
Marvel gives comic book characters their own API
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Kevin Purdy

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All your eggs in one basket: why do we do it?

+Christie Koehler & I are tackling an increasingly prominent issue with online life: having all your data shipped through one big corporate server farm, and exposing yourself to total disruption if you get hacked, shut out, or snooped. What are some sensible ways to avoid Egg/Basket totalities, without having 8 Private Browsing windows open, or remembering 12 weird usernames?

You can chat and listen live to <In Beta> at 11 am Eastern (8am Pacific) at 5by5's site.
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Easier to carry. 
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I've heard up-and-down on the service, but the menu's creative, the pizzas good, and the tagliatelle with pork belly? I'd ride through a dark alley full of broken glass to get at it again.
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Never been blown away, but it's really solid Indian food, usually buffet-style.
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Beer selection is pretty amazing for what you're probably expecting. Good burgers, decent fries.
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