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Kevin Polley  - 
I may be missing the bigger picture ... or in this case a photo.
Unless I'm mistaken, it seems as if is currently only available for the place type.  Is there a reason why photo is not available for and it's sub types, in addition to image? 
If not can the use of photo be extended? 
The use-case is selling physical photos of people (signed).  Thx.

(cc +Dan Brickley ) Property: photo - A photograph of this place.
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There is no real reason why 'image' is inadequate, I was attempting to be precise in the fact that a 'photo' was being sold and generally people don't search for an 'image', even though that is what they buy.  The fact that 'photo' was a potentially better option seemed a logical choice.  To a photographer that 'little bit extra' makes all the difference.

That said, I don't disagree with your thoughts +Dan Brickley or +Aaron Bradley , it would have been simpler to use image throughout and I would imagine time could be better spent than going down a rabbit hole of creating more specific ImageObject types.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll just use 'image'.
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Kevin Polley

Rich and structured snippets  - 
headline & image (along with datePublished) are now required for Article

I haven't seen this bought up here (although I may be wrong) but on 21st July (maybe before) Google made a change that an Article now requires headline and image.  See:

We've had the conversation about name vs headline but my immediate questions are:

1) With these requirements in place, will sites and pages (sorry 'posts') be penalised in the SERP's for non compliance?
2) Is this only a Google initiative or does it have wider implications?
3) There is no mention of these requirements in the ganymede/Article page.  Is this something that needs to be added?

thanks all.
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Thanks +Aaron Bradley and +Barry Rolapp !  With so much good information coming out from avid community eyes, it keeps my rabbit happily underground.  When I occasionally decide to see if the sun still shines I generally fine Google caused it to rain :) - With so many great minds and talent at hand there, I just have this hope that one day the left and right hand will work in unison.  Right ... next rabbit hole ... thx again.
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Kevin Polley

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Just wow!
Geek heaven: "My colleagues and I just 3D-printed a ratcheting socket wrench on the International Space Station by typing some commands on our computer in California. We had overheard ISS Commander Barry Wilmore...mention over the radio that he needed one, so we designed one in CAD and sent it up to him faster than a rocket ever could have. This is the first time we’ve ever 'emailed' hardware to space...."

#iss #3dprinting
This week we 3D-printed a wrench on the International Space Station that we had designed on Earth on demand.
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Kevin Polley

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Well worth a read if you're into or concerned about SEO. There is some very interesting content here not least the suggestion that you don't need to concern yourself too much about adding semantic markup to your content as Google will extract entities by default.  If you read anything today, put this on your list!
h/t +Joshua Berg 
New Post: Rank Higher with On-page Topic Targeting (Illustrated)

The concepts of advanced on-page SEO can be dizzying: LDA, co-occurrence, and entity salience, to name a few. The question is "How do we incorporate these techniques into our content?" The truth is, you don't need to understand complex algorithms in order to create optimized content that ranks well.

In this post we discuss:
• Keywords and relationships
• Location, Frequency and Distance of Keyword Phrases
• Links and Supplemental Content
• Entities and Schema

Full post here:
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Kevin Polley

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2,684 people evaluated the credibility of two Web sites for this 2002 Stanford University report.  14.3% cited "Information Accuracy" as a 'measure' of authenticity.  14.1% related to 'Name Recognition and Reputation' but what did 46.1% rely on?
(h/t +Evgeniy Orlov )
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Kevin Polley

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Social networks don't last forever so don't let your content get lost. was created so that you have an easy reference when you want to archive and backup your digital life. The information here will help you export your data directly from the social network or website. (h/t +Kingsley Idehen )

#socialmedia   #linkeddata #opendata   #indieweb  
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Kevin Polley

Discussion  - 
How can I integrate LeadPages with ?
arpReach - autoresponder and email marketing software
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Hi +Kevin Polley good question!

Although we do not officially integrate with arpReach, it may still be possible. If you have access to un-styled raw HTML form code you can try out our "Copy/Paste" integration method. All you do is paste in your form code from arpReach. Once you are a customer our amazing support team will be able to provide more insights into how this is done.

Also keep in mind that we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try out LeadPages along with your arpReach integration and if you are not 100% satisfied you can cancel your account within that time frame for a full refund!

Kind regards,
The LeadPages Team
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Kevin Polley

Discussion  - 
Hi all, I was just asked a great question which I'd love your opinions and feeback on.

"Is there a good end-to-end case study that distils all the main benefits down into a "real world" demonstration/explanation of the Semantic Web?"
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Hmm - interesting, but kind of a tall order, because of the "end-to-end" part.

While it's not a "case study" per se, when it comes to "real world" demonstrations of the utility of Semantic Web Technologies, a presentation from +Jay Myers at SemTechBiz last year has become kind of a touchstone URL for me:

The other tall order is the dual "demonstration/explanation" part.  Whether an article, presentation or study, what one normally has available is one or the other.
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Kevin Polley

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Please update your bookmarklet for Google's Structured Data Testing Tool  - A community effort in action

Thanks to: +AJ Kohn for the original bookmark. +Aaron Bradley for asking for an update and then taking my adaption of AJ's code and publishing it.  The other part of the community here is Google for creating the new SDTT
Google Structured Data Testing Tool Bookmarklet

Hot off the presses:  one-click access to output from Google's (new and improved) Structured Data Testing Tool.

All I had to do was whip up a web page:  huge thanks to +Kevin Polley for the JavaScript (you're off the hook +AJ Kohn:).

More on the upgraded Tool from +Google Webmasters:
Bookmarklet for the Google Structured Data Testing Tool by Kevin Polley, providing one-click access to Testing Tool output.
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Kevin Polley

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In their drive towards rewarding site owners who cater to visitors using mobile devices, Google may show a new label that may encourage click throughs.  There's even a link to a testing tool to see if your site is as mobile friendly as you thought.
If you have a mobile-friendly site that we detect as one, your site is very likely to get a "mobile-friendly" label in our search results. This will help searchers know you're more likely to treat them nicely because you've optimized your site for their small screens.

So how do you go about doing this? It's very easy, conceptually:
(1) have a mobile-friendly site
(2) make sure Google indexing has access to the CSS, JS, and images so that when we render the page we can detect it's mobile-friendly.

Simple, right? :)

But, no, really, how do you do it? Depends on how your site currently works, and we have a ton of new guidance to which many of us contributed to help you. We have guidance whether you're using a CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, many others) or have a custom site.

The biggest source of wrong classification (i.e. how you can be hurting your site's indexing) is if you block Googlebot from crawling the CSS, JS and images on the mobile site, or if you block Googlebot from mobile site completely. These are easy fixes.

Dig in for more:

The Mobile-friendly test lets you see if a particular page is mobile-friendly:

The Mobile Usability Report highlights mobile issues that we found across a site:

Our Developer Site has brand-new documentation on how to create a mobile-friendly site, including how-to guides for common platforms:

And the announcement from yesterday:
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I've noticed in the last few days a grey "Mobile-friendly" text before the description in the serps for some results.
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Kevin Polley

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Lets all rush out and buy an SSL cert for higher SERP's ... ?????
Well maybe not based on the research so far.  But I'll let you decide.
How Much of a Ranking Factor is SSL/HTTPS?

The good folks at seoClarity tested 50,000 keywords, and 218,000 sites to see which ones converted to HTTPS in the 6 weeks following Google’s August 7th announcement that they had made HTTPS a ranking factor.  So what’s the bottom line? Well, 630 sites converted to HTTPS after 8/7, and the net result showed no rankings impact whatsoever.

Note though, that Google described it as a “lightweight signal” from the very start, and Google’s +Gary Illyes  indicated to me that it was more of a tiebreaker signal, where it could break a tie between two sites that were otherwise equally good responses for a particular search query.

The post below provides all the details, as well as access to an HTTP to HTTPS conversion guide that we put together working with SSLGuru
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Kevin Polley

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It all begins with you.  As we move to the point where only facts will count if you trade online, it means understanding verification is one of those factors you should have at the top of your agenda.  +David Amerland knows a thing or two about the workings of the semantic web and this is a useful piece worth reading.
With semantic search Google becomes a Truth Engine capable of verifying facts on the fly.
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+Kevin Polley thank you for resharing this and it is good to see good business practices and honesty being finally rewarded. 
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The green me is reducing our family emissions and wants governments to stop talking about cutting emissions and do more to significantly reduce them.

The red me is angry with bankers, financial institutions and governments for putting the world in the state we are and not seeming to do much to solve things for small businesses worldwide.

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