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Is there any basis for this sort of thing in the US?
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I wish. Just because the guy is taxed as a non resident doesn't mean he isn't taxed at all, or does it? I mean why would you file income taxes in Australia if you don't live in Australia? I don't live there so I don't file income (or any other) taxes there, and they don't send me notices saying they're taxing me at some non-resident rate.
+Matt Spaanem I'm not totally sure. They don't go into too much detail on what his status means.

As far as I can tell, the government we have is not structured in a way that would allow such a thing to happen. I mean, the last time it happened was much larger (civil war)...and I think we know how that ended. I can't imagine they'd let smaller areas do it either.

I figured I would put it out there anyway and see what others thought.
Disney World has their own police dept, court and jail. :)
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