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Please reshare, so his brother can get proper treatment.

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Nice. I needed that this morning.  Cool compilation.  Love the music selection.
Spiderman Live It Up

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Great Photos 

Name: Anthony Edward Stark more commonly called Tony Stark

Status: Hunter

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Weapon: Iron Man armors Mark 1-44. They grant Tony the ability to fly, increased strength, energy blast from hands and a unibeam from the chest which uses a lot of energy from the suit, usually used when completely desparate. Each suit has limited energy and have their limits. Tony can use up to 10 suits at once although ONLY ONE has full combat intelligence (the one I'm in). The rest are much more vulnerable and easily destroyed. Not only that but when using more than one at once JARVIS has a much more difficult time using each one effectively thus decreasing each individual suit's combat prowess and intelligence with each added. Tony has also created the Hulkbuster Armor (Mark 44) which has been nicknamed "Veronica." Veronica is launched from Stark Industries satellites orbiting Remnant and forms over the current suit Tony is wearing. The satellite also launches multiple flying containers filled with pieces to Veronica. When Veronica suffers any damage even including loss of limbs, the containers launch replacements for the area that suffered damage and they replace the damaged parts. Tony can call in the Iron Legion which consists of multiple unwearable android Iron Man suits that are used for assisting police forces, crowd control, and for disaster relief including assisting with evacuations or helping rebuild.

Semblance: N/A

Likes: Inventing, tinkering, being sarcastic, little rules or limits, helping people

Dislikes: Grim, jerks, murderers, people who ruin other's time, White Fang

Bio: Born to rich parents who were killed by unknown assassins, Anthony Edward Stark or more preferably called Tony Stark, graduated from multiple high class universities with flying colors. He was eventually captured by White Fang terrorists who took him to a White Fang base and tried forcing him to make a WMD. He tricked them by making it seem like be was doing as they asked but in reality he created the Mark I Iron Man armor and broke free, killing all White Fang members in the base and blowing it up. He was discovered by Vale military forces and was taken back to Vale where he recuperated. He has since made Iron Man Mark 2-44 and used them to help military forces around the world combat Grim and White Fang terrorists. As White Fang attacks escalate in number and effectiveness, Tony has decided to create the Iron Legion which consists of multiple unwearable android Iron Man suits to assist police forces and to help provide disaster relief and other beneficial tasks to help people when and where he is unable to help people.

((The Iron Legion pictures are the ones with the white on the suit))
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More deadpool photos in action with colossus . 
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Funny.  Love Stephen Amell.  He is so good with his fans.

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I would share this...

Animated Photo

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It's a shame to see  a Race Track with such NASCAR History get Abandoned and Run Down like it has.
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