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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton is an author, educator, consultant, and adventurer.
Kevin Patton is an author, educator, consultant, and adventurer.

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Why You Want Your A&P Students to Fail
I want my students to fail. Of course I don't want them to fail the course, but I do want to give them a lot of opportunities to get things wrong as they learn new facts, apply new knowledge, and build their conceptual frameworks. Learning scientists have p...

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Is it Mamillary or Mammilary?
There are two acceptable spellings of this term that can be used to name a a pair of hypothalamic nuclei in the brain (see the illustration below) and other structures that resemble the human female breast: mamillary mammillary MAM-mih-layr-ee mamilla- brea...

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Using Your Textbook to 'Teach Up' in Anatomy and Physiology
One of the concepts that co-author Gary Thibodeau and I have considered to be important in our textbook Anatomy & Physiology   is the idea of teaching up. What is "teaching up?"  What we mean by teaching up is the strategy used by nearly every A&P professor...

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Anatomy Terms Lists
You may already be familiar with the handy lists of the literal meanings of anatomy terms that you may encounter in a typical human anatomy and physiology course. These are discussed in the following blog articles: Translating Muscle Names Learning Bones & ...

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Where Are the Learning Objectives?!
From the very first edition, there have never been chapter objectives in Anatomy & Physiology . Why is that? Let me start by asking the question How likely is it that every single course using a particular textbook would have the SAME objectives? Not likely...

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Reboot of The A&P Professor Website
Next time you head over to the companion website for this blog at , you'll see a whole new website. Literally. The only is enjoying a well-deserved rest on the beach of a sea of electrons, and a whole new—completely rebuilt—website has ta...

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Workflow Charting for Textbook Authors
Whether drafting a first edition or revising a textbook, it's a big, complex undertaking.  It's not easy to keep track of all the many tasks, most repeated in a particular sequence for each chapter and section. These steps of the writing-revising process ca...

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Short Video Walk-Throughs Help Your Students
Each semester, we face the challenge of getting our students properly r egistered with their login credentials for their learning management system, adaptive quizzing platforms, course software or websites, and online textbook resources. I think that most o...

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Easter Eggs in A&P
In my introductory post for this blog, I promised some behind-the-scenes trivia from the  Anatomy & Physiology   textbook—and I realize I have yet to deliver on that promise. So, with actual Easter eggs still fresh on our minds, I thought I'd reveal a few b...

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Huge Breakthrough in Human Anatomy & Physiology!
This trend in misleading "click bait" headlines among science news outlets continues to spiral into infinity. Okay, "infinity" is an exaggeration, but apparently that's what it takes these days to get us reading the actual content of science articles. And a...
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