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Kevin Partner
Author, business-person, smart arse, Raspberry Pi fan, programmer, father, husband
Author, business-person, smart arse, Raspberry Pi fan, programmer, father, husband


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This is my elder daughter, who really should be doing the makeup on a big film. Maybe one day!
Halloween is just around the corner. A Tutorial for my version of the Dark Knight Joker will be ready for you just in time for your Halloween party! Face Painting really is Easy!

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I'm having a few days off and will be taking lots of photos. Last year, I was able to edit them in Google+ using my Chromebook quite acceptably. This year, the editor has been replaced by the kindergarten version in Google Photos and Google+ has shrunk in visibility (eg I can no longer get to it by clicking my name on a blank Google tab). This is not progress and I fear we're nearing the end of the social media experiment for Google, at least in this form. By why cripple photos? #googlephotos  

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Excellent presentation on +Python  and +Raspberry Pi in education by Carrie Ann Philbin

Which is your favourite Dickens book? I've listened to Great Expectations and David Copperfield on +Audible  - what next do you think? Tempted by Nicholas Nickleby...

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The steam engine from the Watercress Line pulls out of Alton station.
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Bizarrely, if I create a Collection with any sharing option other than public (for example "Your Circles"), Google+ reports that it will only be visible to members of my organisation and there's no way to override this. Making Collections close to useless to me.

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Wow - great deal on the 14 inch Chromebook. This has become my portable workhorse over the past year - for me, at least, the perfect form factor.

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