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Happy birthday to my old boy. He is 15 today.
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Honey wheat rolls. One if my favourites for just about all bread roll needs. Tonight they will be hamburger buns.

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This weekend's baking. Lemon sticky rolls and chocolate cake.
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A simple 9 inch, two layer chocolate cake. Chocolate pudding between layers and chocolate frosting on top.
Sorry for the poor lighting.

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Lemon sticky rolls with a lemon glaze. I got a bit messy with the glaze as I was running out and the piping bag was getting messy. They taste pretty good though. I am pleased.
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Today is a day where we use our voices and social media to break the stigma of mental illness. Depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar, OCD, eating disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADD/ADHD and Autism spectrum disorders affect millions of people regularly, every day.
The health care industry struggles with, not only the diagnosis of these conditions, but also the proper care and treatment.
There is help. There are resources. There are people there who understand and care.
People struggling with mental illnesses are not broken, they are not damaged. They are not lesser because of their struggle.
By recognising and understanding these conditions and their effects on people's lives, we help people cope with situations and make life a little bit easier.

In Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association has provincial chapters:
local authorities also have resources available.

In the USA there are national numbers available:…/mental-health-hotline-number…/
I am sure various states have their own resources as well.

In the UK there is a resource page:

In Australia:

In New Zealand:

I know that countries around the world have suicide and mental health crisis lines available and I encourage all households to have these numbers handy. Emergencies can call 911 or the national equivalent (112, 999, 111, 000, etc)

With his threats of tariffs and taxes and what will plainly be bully tactics at the trade negotiation tables, along with his attitude of protectionism, Mr. Trump has given the world a glimpse of his intentions as US President. Combine this with his wholely unprepared slate of advisers and secretaries, the whitest cabinet in decades and the open support of supremacist groups and homophobes and you have a recipe for a very tense term in American politics.
Many people have argued that he "should be given a chance to see how he does". I counter with this: He has had his chance. He had the opportunity to nominate qualified, educated people for offices, he did not. He had the chance to talk about dialogue with trade partners, he still talks about a wall to the south and now 35% import tariffs on German cars.
It is time for the rest of the world to move on and forward in a post-American global economy. It is time for the Commonwealth to strengthen trade ties and African Union to work together and for China to reevaluate its policies so that it can come to the table as a more progressive partner.

I do not believe that Mr. Trump will change the natures of the people he has chosen to lead his administration. Which means that I do believe that his promises of uniting the people and being an administration for all Americans is a lie of the most heinous sort. A lie to hide the restrictions of liberties and the silencing of voices of dissent.

I am not an American, but I do have many good friends in the USA and I fear for those who are not in the chosen elite of Trump-nation (which is pretty much every one I know in the US). I also fear for the rest of the world when the largest capitalist economy closes its doors on fair accessibility in trade. I fear for the people under the blind, ignorant bogtry of the few who will command the nation. But I also hope, that on the community and state levels, that Americans stand up and support each other. There are many states where this won't happen, but a growing number of people who are moving this forward, in spite of those who resist the movement.

Anyway, just my opinion.

I have seen a lot of people "joke" about political assassination this morning. That needs to stop. Clearly, these people have not thought it through at all. Donald Trump might be a giant threat to a lot of people and ideologies but he is a business man and will consider things through that lens. Removing Trump would leave Mike Pence as President. A far right winger with political experience.
We need to hope that Trump, who knows and has met and worked with people from all kinds of backgrounds, will tone down his rhetoric and work at being a leader and not just a puppet to the Republican Party.

It is a sad day today. The USA took a giant step backwards yesterday. They elected a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot to lead their country. A man whose only interest has always been himself is not about to become an altruistic, open armed leader to anyone but the like-minded.
I hope that those whose lives and livelihoods may be threatened by any shift in policy direction find support and shelter in the international community. While I doubt that "conscientious objector" will be accepted as grounds, real threats do exist to recent immigrants and the LGBT community. If any of my American friends need safe haven contact me.

It's that day again. The first day of the second half of the year. The day I don't celebrate.
Funny how it seems to come every year., even though I ask it to not bother.
This year, today is all about just the past 12 months.
It's been a great year for me.
I have been to more restaurants and more movies and more events in the past year than I have in ages. Has it been an expensive year? Yes, indeed it has.
Has it been worth it? I would like to believe that it has been worth it.
I haven't travelled far this past year. In fact, I've not even left Eastern Ontario. The Kingston-Cornwall-Ottawa corridor has certainly seen a lot of me though. I have done more city driving since January than I have since I moved out of Ottawa.
CAPE (Cornwall and Area Pop Event) was a fun couple of days. For anyone looking for a light version of ComicCon, this is it, and really Cornwall isn't that far away. Michael, Nicolas, Theodore, Austin, Mic and others.
Ottawa ComicCon was also a fun long weekend. Out near the airport with few to no options for meals, poor bus service, and sprawling parking. Hung out with some great people, saw some great stuff and had a fun weekend in spite of the minor inconvenieces. Michael, Andrew, Thomas, Xavier, Mic, Nicolas and others.
Theodore's bonfire. Met some new people, had a fun evening. Michael, Theo, Derrick, Nicolas, Thomas, Xavier, Laura and others.
Mic's Potluck in the Park. A great afternoon/evening in Lamoureux Park.
The last time I spent Canada Day in downtown Ottawa, I was there for a total of two hours. I was there alone and the overall atmosphere was not fun. This year was different. Got to hang out with friends and new people and have fun. Even the crazy storm that blew through didn't really ruin it. There were other plans in effect which cut the day short for us, but we were around from before 10:00 until after 4:00. Michael, Duster, John, Christopher,
In the first half of this year, I have been the a movie theatre five times. I am usually only in a theatre once or twice a year. There are still several titles coming out this year that I would like to see on the big screen.
And the restaurants.... I gave up fast food more than six years ago. I don't miss it at all. Every now and then I find myself close to caving in for convenience while I am out, but I still manage to avoid it. But thrown into all that I have been out for lunches and dinners with Daniel, Michael, Brandon, Chris, and my family.
I know some people have busier months than my entire past year. lol When you live in the middle of nowhere and everything is quite literally an hour drive away, it can be difficult to arrange doing social things.
Then of course there is the baking. The past six years has seen a lot of baking, but the past year has seen as much as the five previous years combined. I regularly post pictures of new things, and will continue to do so. I have two new for me things coming up. One was supposed to be done this weekend, but I need to get the right pan for it first. Could happen tomorrow. Next weekend is Red Velvet cupcakes with Red Velvet Buttercream frosting.
The year that starts today could be just as busy as the one that ended yesterday. I hope that it is because I am having fun.
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