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I am not saying the US is wrong to bar this specific person from entry to the USA, but it sets a dangerous precedent in which the USA can now decide who can and cannot go the the UN headquarters on behalf of foreign governments.
Perhaps it is time to reconsider the location and access of the UN Headquarters.
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Just noting that yet another article concerning police behaviour is not open to comments. (I wonder if/when this policy of not allowing the public to comment on the police will change)
People deserve impeccable behaviour from their police. We give these people authority and responsibility in our community to PROTECT people, not to mistreat them. Discreditable behaviour involving the treatment of those in their care and custody should be dismissal from the force.
#policemisconduct   #canada  
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The Monty Python troupe has officially announced that July 20, 2014 at London's O2 will be their last performance together.
A sad day for comedy, but they have all contributed so much to entertainment outside of Python that I am certain there will still be lots of laughs.
It will be an amazing set of shows. It is currently held that the final performance will be recorded and shown in theatres internationally, though I personally think a live simulcast would be far more amazing.
#montypython   #comedy  
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This excites me a great deal. I am a medievalist and a huge fan of Tolkien's work. I love his translation of Gir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Tolkien's Beowulf to be published
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Kevin Papineau

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Human rights are always a political platform. It is in the forum of politics that basic human rights are withheld or protected. For the museum, whose very creation was an act of politics, to express that its blog is not to be used as a political platform is not only hypocritical but laughable. This is the CANADIAN Museum of Human Rights and therefore needs to be not only mindful by critical of Canadian politics, past and present, in regards to our nation's human rights record.
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The current Harper government in Canada undid so much of the work done by the previous Liberal governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin.  Stephen Harper has moved the country closer to the US model, even in light of the economic collapse there.  The Harper government depends heavily on big business, especially the Petroleum industry leaders and has catered to those business leaders to the detriment of the country.
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Arguably the most famous Canadian who is not a paid entertainer (sports, music, film, literary, etc), can we start a movement to make Chris Hadfield the next Governor General of Canada?
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I think we should dub him Canada's first Minister for Space! To the stars!
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I can't help but notice that this news article is not allowing comments. I wonder why?

I have seen the way the OPP deal with domestic violence, so the RCMP being rather flippant about it is no surprise.

If society wants to know why so many victims of domestic violence stay silent instead of going to the police for so-called help, all they need to do is understand how little the police care about protecting victims or the communities they are entrusted to protect.

We deserve better standards of professionalism from police at all levels.
#domesticviolence   #policemisconduct   #royalcanadianmountedpolice   #OntarioProvincialPolice  
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Who Polices the Police?

Canada and the USA have seen a sharp rise in the number of incidents between police officers and those not guilty of or even suspected of having broken any laws.  This is seriously becoming a major issue in both countries.

While I try to pay close attention to countries where I know people, this is an issue that seems to be worsening in North America more than other industrialized countries (not counting Russia’s new-found persecution of the LGBT community).

The rights of Canadians to peaceful protest is being infringed upon, in this instance, by those against whom Canadians are protesting.

Police abuses against the civilian population with whose protection they have been entrusted has been increasing alarmingly.  

This has been increasingly steadily since the World Trade Centre attacks, but since Stephen Harper’s despotic reign started, this country has become the nearest thing to a police state that has existed in this country’s history.

#policebrutality   #peacefulprotest  
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I am not looking for a giant group hug between the heterosexual and homosexual populations, but a little bit of "live and let live" would be nice where consenting adults are involved.
Western nations should simply withhold foreign aid from countries which refuse to extend basic rights to all their people.
All countries have their problems and we have all failed at some point (past or ongoing) at being equal to everyone but lines need to be drawn somewhere.
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