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Should legal publishers (ALM and it's many publications, including, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier's LexisNexis, or Wolters Kluwer) and now, LXBN, build their own apps for distribution of their content on mobile devices or use a distribution/presentation app ala Flipboard? There are a lot of advantages using a company and app like Flipboard.
I've never bought the argument that law firms should have iPhone apps for the distribution of their content. It made no sense that consumers of legal
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I have NO interest in firing up some sad, wannabe app that does nothing but roam around one publication... when Flipboard et al is beautifully designed and puts the world in my hands.
I'd love to experience the beautiful design of Flipboard, but there's no android version of it, and I presently have an EVO 4G. Now that Sprint has the iPhone in its catalog, I may get one. Just not immediately. I hope Flipboard doesn't permanently write off the whole non-Apple world.
Kevin, how does Flipboard compare to Zite?
Flipboard gives ability to get your own selected feeds from Google Reader or Twitter or even LXBN.
Gotcha - we have to get LXBN in Zite too... See you in Dallas...

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