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Kevin Nivek (KvnX)

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Haha πŸ‘ŒNice location!ο»Ώ
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Kevin Nivek (KvnX)

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Neeeeews for you! :)
Watch Face Development Status Update!

One week has been passed and I can proudly say I was very diligent! ! The base is now done, I created some nice ..

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Kevin Nivek (KvnX)

Android Wear  - 
Watchface development teaser

Like it?
Follow me for more information and release date πŸ’€ο»Ώ
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Watchface development teaser

Like it?
Follow me for more information and release date πŸ’€ο»Ώ
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Kevin Nivek (KvnX)

Shared publicly  - animations and tooltips added :)ο»Ώ
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Have him in circles
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Hey everyone,

easter holidays are over for me and I will continue with coding now. Also I will keep you up to date as much as I can :) I hope you had some nice easter days with friends and your family! πŸ‘―ο»Ώ
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thanks Kevin ο»Ώ
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Kevin Nivek (KvnX)

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So true πŸ‘½
ΒΏCrees que los telΓ©fonos mΓ³viles nos estΓ‘n quitando vida social?ο»Ώ
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Kevin Nivek (KvnX)

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Nice wallpapers for the weekend πŸ™Œ
Long time no post..
Sorry for the absence people, you know how uni is πŸ˜‘
A small remedy for this time I have been away.. 100 wps for all of youΒ πŸ™Œ

Usual disclaimer: found these pics online or on g+, dont own any of them and yeap, thats the best quality i have πŸ˜‹
Enjoy!! ❀
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Watchface development teaser

Like it?
Follow me for more information and release date πŸ’€ο»Ώ
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What? :Dο»Ώ
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Watchface development teaser

Like it?
Follow me for more information and release date πŸ’€ο»Ώ
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Noticed. Thank you all :))ο»Ώ
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#sale #appsale #android Β ο»Ώ
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I need more #000 coffee!
My name is Kevin (KvnX) and I am from germany. My biggest hobby and job are creating some cool Android apps, websites and wallpapers.

On my Google+ site you can get the latest information about my Android projects. Add me to your circle to be up to date. And feel always free to give a feedback.

Wallpapers created by me:
-> Foggy & Nature Wallpapers
-> Dark Energy Wallpaper Set
-> Abstract Cutout Wallpapers
-> Triangulations Wallpaper Pack
-> Android Superheroes Selfie Wallpaper Pack
-> World Cup Wallpapers
-> Stacked Materials Wallpapers
-> Tree Wallpapers
-> Attentive Wallpaper Set

Most famous Apps created by me:
-> KnockΒ²+
-> Attentive
-> SidePlayer
-> JellyDream Daydream Lite
-> Holo Label Widget

Web Apps by me:
-> Placeholder Generator (Images)
-> Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

G+ Milestones:
Joined - 11.02.2013
1M Views - 25.06.2014
2M Views - 18.08.2014
1000 Follower - 16.07.2014

#Android #Apps #Free #Paid #Developer #Developement #Daydream #Daydreams #KvnX #Dev #holo #KnockΒ²+ #Attentive #SidePlayer #Holo #wallpapers #minimal #theme #abstract #material #AttentiveSetup #AttentiveLegacy #Wear #WatchFace
PHP, Java, HTML, Js, Jquery, CSS, Visual Basic, Photoshop, Blender, MYSQL, Unity3D
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Placeholder Generator (Images)

Generate sleek placeholder images for your website or app. Responsive, light and easy to use!

SidePlayer - Android App

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KnockΒ²+: Update reduziert den Akkuverbrauch der Android-App - PCTreiber.Net

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