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Heads up

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The Node.js Foreign Function Interface.

I came across this when looking for a way to write my own Windows Hook code to track my foreground Windows, associated apps, and use some regexes to keep the time spent in each in the appropriate time accounting bucket. The free things I've used previously, do iterative polling, and I was shocked at how much cpu they used up. Seemed like a good way to learn the node event loop, and the FFI is the means to access there std Windows APIs through their DLLs. The FFI also works on many other architectures, and that reminded me of a relevant conversation Rick and I had the other day, so tag Rick. You're it. +Rick Troth 

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Anyone who doesn't think the explicit purpose of the alt-right administration is to complete the transition of the United States into a Timothy McVeigh incubator is sadly mistaken.

The Dixiecrats are reborn. They were ejaculated from the Democratic party into the Republican fringe in response to the Johnson civil rights and voting rights acts. They were gestated by Republican utilitarian totalitarianism until they grew in size and power and replaced the conservative core, whereupon birth was induced by the Tea Party midwife. The resulting political and social scatology is repleat with the most heinous bile ever produced by the human spirit.

Hundreds of years of inaction to our worser selves have produced a superparasite: a belligerent, toothed worm chewing through the remainder of the collective human soul, leaving nothing but more parasites in its wake.

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test hangout.  Not sharing with anyone to see what that does.
didn't work.  Making public.

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The Circle of Life 

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This typifies the conservative-born racism that so often gets a pass in the US. NOBODY stood up for the woman being attacked for having a private conversation in Spanish. Not the manager. Not an employee. Not even a customer, except for her son.

I hope a great many people are successful at finding out who this is by putting the bigot's image into Google image search and making her spend years answering for and atoning for what she's done.

I fear she is becoming the American norm.

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wow.  I thought this was cool...
(running an OS/2 guest under VirtualBox)
...then I saw THIS...
(running a CP/M-86 guest under VirtualBox)

WordStar -- here I come!
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