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OK Google+ Android people, Get ready for me... the Mobile Nations World Tour 2012 has officially kicked off, and I'm trying out the competition.

First stop... the HTC One X.
CrackBerry Kevin I'm excited for BlackBerry 10. It's torture waiting for it. Unfortunately, it's still a few months away and between now and then we are not expecting to see much from BlackBerry in te...
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you won't be going back to blackberry after using the One X!
Excellent choice. I just love the options and customizations available on Android, so many possibilities.

Now if only I could get Android's options & multi-tasking with Blackberry's keyboard, security, & battery-life; but all of this without the need for a task-killer & data-hungry apps.
+Imran Khan Task-killers haven't been advisable on Android since Gingerbread, around 18 months ago, so that is taken care of for you. Battery life on the Galaxy Nexus (yes, even with LTE), the Galaxy S III, One X, One S, and a few others is much better than the last round of high-end BlackBerries. Especially when considering the Bold 9900 battery life.  

I'm looking forward to the review on the One X.  The perspective will be nice from someone who is more accustomed to the phones I replaced with Android devices.   
This post is way delayed but just saw; just want to say as a long time BlackBerry user who just picked up an SGS III - even after deleting all the bloatware and disabling the S voice feature (which is a huge marketing point of this thing) - the battery life is garbage compared to my Bold 9900 on OS 7.1. It does lots of cool things; but for productivity and battery life (and radio signal on both mobile network and WiFi, and typing even with swiftkey 3) The BlackBerry still owns. Simply waiting for BB10 and then this thing will be up on Craigslist.
+Jason Miller , sorry missed the mention somehow in my notifications, just came back to this post. I was running Gingerbread on my Galaxy Note at the time and found the applications slowing it down. On the ICS, I have removed the Task Killer. As for battery life, I easily got 1.5days from my 9780 while the Note was lasting me 12hrs. Since the upgrade to ICS (and a factory reset), it is now giving me close to 14hrs.
Oh, the 9780 is lasting me three or more days on a charge right now. It is my work phone so more calling and texting but very little emailing. That is pretty good life from the Note. Enjoy it!
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