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Seeing tons of agreement with this on the Twitters... what do the Google Plussers say?
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Jody B
I typically respond to the emails with
sent from my Apple eating Android
I only keep the default signature on my PlayBook so that people know that I am using the best tablet.
I remove the URL but keep the device:
Sent from my BlackBerry/Blackberry Playbook/Galaxy Note

If I'm maintaining 3 devices, what is the harm in supporting the brand or showing off.
I really don't see the point you're trying to make. Most people I see with a tablet are working on it, reading docs and sending mails
I love writing off long emails using my PlayBook keyboard, more than my laptop's keyboard. Now, if only I could get more formatting options.
I don't use my Playbook for work purposes, but if I did I would definitely change the signature to the one provided to me by my organization.
I agree that it looks cheesy and out of place when sending work email.
I also agree with how you worded your tweet yesterday, but I guess some iPad users got upset so it was necessary to appease them.
I however do not have that need so I take shots at ipad and iphone users constantly on my Twitter.
How about: change your signature so it provides relevant (contact or other) information? Beyond the argument of perceptions, it really doesn't matter what you're using to send correspondance. Do I care that you're calling me from a mobile or landline? No. I care about the quality of the conversation.
I use my phone and tablet for work so I keep the device name for two reasons: 1) I like to support Google Nexus devices; and 2) It helps me remember where I was at. :-)
Or Maybe you make it "Sent from my blackberry playbook and a wireless bluetooth input device while I was eating breakfast and the kids were screaming at me because I forgot to put the fruit loops with the blue ones in the box." WHO CARES?
Sent from my Archos7. Really :)
Send from my Android... Eating Apples for breakfast.
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