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Giving away my Porsche Design BlackBerry... somebody is gonna be ball'n big time when they win this.
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I would like it to be me - with that BB! :)
Would love one!!! but would be willing to forefit the Porsche for on of the 1st BB10 when it comes out!!!
Is that someone <----?
wow we have the same birthday kevin.
Hope that not just me but we got something special on our special day ;)
Sweet giveaway Kevin! Please send this berry my way =D
I have always wanted to drive a porsche... I guess I could settle for this instead!
I've heard so many good things about Blackberries in general, was not fortunate to ever have owned one =(
OMG there is not much out there that oi would not do for this phone!!!!
If I won this and it works with Verizon, I could possibly switch back to BlackBerry.
Bring it to me :0) I could defenitely flash with this BB
Been a BB Addct since the early RIM Pager days.. This would be the only way I could ever get close to the best Blackberry design till 2012..
Hey Kevin, my name better be getting pulled out of the magic blackberry barrel

I wana have it but if its from Kevin, will be much much excited :)
Dora O
I want this phone! :)
Kev! I'm here again! haha Please!!! I'd make people see that if Porsche likes RIM/BlackBerry then why they won't?? RIM should hire me as a promoter... hahah
Oh please lemme be the one to win this...! :)
hey Kevin this is Superfly_FR CB perso. profile ... in case ... ok, I'm dreamin' :)
Sweet, hook me up. I will just have to live without the autofocus on my 9850 :)
WOW, Excited to use a blackberry after Kevin :)
I suppose I could rock this. If I had to. 
I'd love to get my hands on one!!! Love this Bold touch series phone from Blackberry. Plus, I can tell all of the Smartphone world that it was owned by you!!! Talk about the increased rep factor. Really great giveaway Kevin. Thanks.
I will look awesome when I talk on the phone in my MINIVAN (Parked of course)....
Mcal Lm
I really like the look of this phone. Add me to the list for the contest.
I've wanted this phone ever since it came out lol. It'd be incredibly convenient if I could win yours :)
Es un excelente telefono, y totlamente exclusivo, digno de un blackberry fanboy.....
I've been following you here and on Twitter since you started with it but how does it work? Just randomly choose a follower?
i wish the chances to win were 1/2000.....kevin make me win this bad boy and i might just not move away from a blackberry
I follow you on Twitter, I left a comment on, and I'm following you on here. Since I'm not far from Wpg, think you could hand-deliver it?
Hey Kevin im a huge Bold collector since T-Mobile 9700 and my favorite by far is 9900. I would l love to get my hands on it!
Amit T
hopefully i get this one!
I am looking forward to get this one!
In it to win it, so in need of that P'9981
added! should be good for the W
Looking forward to this competition
DAMMIT. Kevin, how am I supposed to win this? Fire me for the week so I can enter!!
I need this because of reasons.
Actually I need it for Law School. :D
I've been already following you on Twitter. Today I left comment and add to my circle :). I want new BlackBerry :) !!
WANT! Follow you on twitter & FB
This would be one blackberry I wouldn't sell when I get a new one.
Finally. Something to match my real Porsche.
@crackberrykevin please let it be me #teamblackberryTilliDie
I would love to win this!
Hey Kevin, great work - just added you to my circle. Go Porsche Design Blackberry....
Pick me!! Pick Me....My 2.5 yr old son put my 9860 in the Fish tank...
Nice Kevin!Not sure if you take into account what people post for "(tell me why you want my P'9981!)" or if its just random from all the comments. I own a 9900, so wanting this would be purely for the novelty oh having an exclusive device on the platform I love. I watched your podcast, where you went on for about 15 minutes about how owning that phone made you feel... and that.. is why I want your 9981!!Not to mention, an exclusive phone previously owned by CrackBerry Kevin is just THAT MUCH MORE exclusive!!
I wanna know what it feels like to be a little bit a celebrity when using this device, just as you mentioned!!
I gave my wife my Bold 9900 because she didn't like her Torch. I had to go back to my old Bold 9700. Hopefully karma will help me get this one!
I think I suit it best LOL
I'll trade you my 8830 for it! I think I might be due for an upgrade. ;)
I know at least I got all 3 chances! woohooooo
woohoo, 3 chances, Mr.
I would look sweet with that BB P9981 in my hand!

Thanks Kevin
would love to get this and rub in in my iphone loving wife's face!
would definitely love to have one pls
Did this Bold take the first phone call from Thorsten Heinz too? I would love some of this German inspired BlackBerry either way.
I would absolutely love it and would take great care of it. 
let me know when you need my mailing address
I think the Porsche device is super ugly, but it sure would be fun to be the only person around sporting one! Count me in!
I've stalked you as much as I can Kevin!! Pick me!! :D
my desire to own this phone is probably not reasonable, probably not justifiable.. the same reason you buy a Porsche. Engineering excellence.
Please Please Please Pick me!!
Please let me win this gorgeous gorgeous phone !!!!
Oh it looks sweet... Although more like a Lamborghini with all those sharp angles. Either way, would be nice to have one!
Absolutely beautiful and I would love to win!!
Hey Kevin! Your awesome budd, just missed you at Blackberry booth at CES. Been following your work for years and you got me on the White 9900 on ATT and it still turns heads. The only way I will stop using a berry is if RIM stops providing data service for phones entirely. So you know that I will be a true thankful owner of this amazing piece of hardware. Hope to catch you at a airport or something like that haha.

Contact me at @stooooops or 415-519-9344 Thanks!!
WoW!! you're so nice giving this 'super' phone on your birthday, +1 from Indonesia BB users
wowww awesome gadget and so gorgeous. please drop to me kevin
hook me up wit da neatest blackberry ever! :D
I want to win this phone, it looks amazing and will even look better with me
Awesome dude! I wanna feel it in my hands like you did before haha
Amazing contest Kevin! Particularly that you're offering your personal device. This has to be the best contest posted at Crackberry so far and CB has had some phenomenal contests.
My birthday's the 21st of may and the Porsche P'9981 would make an exceptional early gift and an upgrade to my bold 9900 + I'm the #2 blackberry fanboy - wlda been #1 but-you are
Long time Crackberry follower! Would love this to be my 1st prize I won with you guys!
I would look so much better with that phone on my hand... I'm in it to WIN.
This would so go nice with the BB10 phone I won during your CrackBerry Santa contest!
Awesome contest. serious phone cred to whomever wins it (Yes I am hoping it will be me). Want to put it on a gold chain and wear it around my neck at work.
CrackBerry's the shit when it comes to Competitions. Ball so hard. 
What i'll do if i win this P'9981? I'll frame this badboy up - museum style, put it on a pedestal and set-up a BlackBerry event countrywide so everyone can glance and worship the P'9981 awesomeness. Yep, I'm serious.
I don't know what I would do with it, but yet I am oddly drawn to it just the same.
Hey Kevin!

I've been following you since Google+ Came out :P. So gotchya there. But I do have a question, is there any way of getting a hold of some Crackberry Logo Stickers?? I've been dying to put them on my current crackberry and my laptop!
Killer contest Kevin! To have this as my device would be super cool amazing fantastic wonderful! Thanks for the chance to have a 1 of a kind BB that I would not find anywhere in my city!

Good Luck to All
Sujit S
Here I Come... Claim for BlackBerry P9981....
Count no.2
Well, I have been trying to make the themes, the wallpaper and even the default font of my 9900 looks like P'9981 the most since it came out. It is really awesome if i got this P'9981 so I no need to do such above mentioned any more... :D
Hey Kevin! Nice giveaway! Such an amazing BlackBerry. Very unique style! Hope to get this one!
Sam Jay
Mr Kev hand over that p'9981!!, it would look sooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet charging on my new desk
Amazing BlackBerry Kevin. Such an unique design. Hope to win this Porsche Desing, would look great on my Marketing business meetings ;) NICE!
you enjoy using it every moment as what this device brings to you in your hands.
I joined Google+ for this!
Just added you Kev. Hope I win! :)
all here to win..anyone just to follow ?
nothing would be better than a farmer in his field with a Porsche BB!! (thats me!! I'm the AGNERD)
Would never actually buy 1 of these, but I'm ok with winning 1. LOL
I hope you won't change your mind because of Official: Porsche BlackBerry P’9981 OS
I'd love to have a good reason to switch back to a blackberry and winning this phone would do it.
PLEASE. on old crappy iphone here. I miss bb! I am a design student and love cars. please!
I hope i win, i love crackberry! Kevin your awesome man, so smart. good luck to everyone.
That is one sweet phone, I think I would be scared to use it Good LuckEveryone
Would be really great. Good luck to everyone.
Sujit S
Day 2..
+Kevin Michaluk BlackBerry is one of the Sweetest.. and itz Crackberry Kevin's P9981.
Im in for the WIN
im in for the win ! broi love this phone so much. i just want it for pride and status. been craving since the leaks. then official announcement ! i was woWed by it! blown away...i'm using 9900 as of now. looking for the win ! :)
Than you for the opportunity to win this bad boy! Good luck to all!
awesome it is :)
but am happy with my torch :D
I hope i'm the one in the million :)
Fares I
hope to have it.
I am on all three! Already was had you in my circles.
Its time to retire my 8820, even if it does get jealous!
I want to win! I have always been one of the greatest BB fans but here in the Philippines, Blackberries are so expensive that I cannot afford to get a new device. I have been stuck with my old Blackberry and I believe that this is my only chance to win one! Please!
Well, pick me. I'd love to have a memento of yours!
Love to win that now that the new OS7.1 is out for it....
i would love this Porsche Design BB , because i would like to resell it to make a lil nestegg, yea i said it
I would love to get a new phone for my birthday- TODAY! wooo thanks man!
i want this coolest blackberry on earth
Hope I own this dream phone one day :)
Eagerly waiting for results.
Yue Ma
I'd like to who lucky dog is.
I need a Porsche, any Porsche will do but a P'9981 would be just great.
Funky design. I like it. Thanks for the chance to win this!
Thanks for organising this, Kevin. It is very kind of you.
God I really want to have this phone!! Kevin, you know why you should give this treasure to me? Because I am the #1 BlackBerry Fan in the Philippines, since I got my first 9700, I knew that BlackBerry will be my phone forever. Now I have the 9900 and 9850, I gave my girlfriend a 9800 on her graduation day and upgraded it to 9810 last Christmas, gave my brother 8520, my mom a 9360 and my dad a 9860 last Christmas also. Plus I bought a 64GB PlayBook for me and 16GB for my girlfriend as a birthday gift.

I always market BlackBerry to my friends and friends of my friends. Since I have 9700 last 2010 I only know 2 people who got BlackBerry back then, now almost half of my friends are using BlackBerry (well I'm not taking all the credit for that because the BlackBerry grew tremendously here in the Philippines but hey, I have my own share! ;) ). I also have a BlackBerry blog for the Philippines.

Though I've been blessed with these gadgets, the $2,000 BlackBerry Porsche is way out of my budget and it would really reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy be awesome for me to have this sick device, so Kevin if you think my love and dedication for BlackBerry is worth rewarding your BlackBerry Porsche then I would die to have this one! =] Also if you choose me, please put your signature at the back of the P9981 for me. =]
Dear Kevin,i would very much L O V E to own this phone! I do live in Germany and i am already a porsche & blackberry fanatic - this would be my absolute DREAM choice! mixing those two brands together is definetely my most-wanted product of all time and makes it truly exceptionel! Please let me win :)Thanks!
The Porsche Design Blackberry looks awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to win-very generous of you. Take care. :)
If i win this BlackBerry I will more than happily dump my iphone for this! :D
Ed Yee
Count me in!
I so would like to win this masterpiece. It's so an accessory MUST HAVE!
Its not just a smart phone , its a masterpiece ART ...
Thank you for the chance !!!!
I would love one! 
Ant D
prays I win :D
Ant D
prays I win :D
I am hoping I'm the winner... But good luck to who does win. It would be fun to walk around Victoria bc with one though. I think I would be the only one lol...
nice P'9981!!!
for me to win this prize, will be best gift ever , I have had in a very long time.
Opa estou aqui, no twitter e no blog :D.
I wanna this awesome BB Bold Porsche Designe :D.
Well I got to admit I been using an iphone 4 for about the last year and I find myself going back to my blackberry tour 9630 for the past couple months and I can't put it down. I would take any new blackberry the Porsche or the new bold 9900 is so awesome too.
I ll take it thank you. :)
Awesome awesome!!! Would love to have this phone
Kevin, I would be honored to win your porsche blackberry. After using 2 curves (8330 & then 8530), I decided to try something else (HTC trophy). I've been having withdrawals and the 9981 would cure my ills (I'm still a year away from upgrade eligibility).
It is a beautiful device, someone will be very lucky to win this from CrackBerry Kevin. It will be an honor.
Need to finally replace my 8350i. That Porsche Design BlackBerry sure would be nice...
Had my 9900 stolen, this would be amazing. Back on my 9300 for now...
wasnt a big fan of bb till i saw this...
and if i can win this.. why not worship it :p
Supo K
keeping my fingers crossed
i don't have bum any more after i lost my bold 9900 i hope to have this phone is my dream to own something from porsche my favorite company
I do not know about operating systems os 7. So I wanted it
One, Two, "Free"...... I win, I win, I win!
P'9981 - I need it for total world domination plus I really need a totally sexy new phone!
Even if I don't win the phone, You have introduced me to this world of Google+
I've added you on Twitter, posted on the CB thread, and added you to my circle on google+ Kevin! I hope I win! :D -- fragment137
Kevin this is it! I must have that phone... you know I deserve it so i'll wait for your soonest confirmation #BeBold
I am all in!!! CB, twiter and G+ (which I havent used in a while!!!)
Anel K
The phone looks beautiful, would love to win it
Dont forget about me, Fearless Leader!
Hope I win, goodluck to everyone. your awesome kevin! thanks for all the opportunities :)
Willing to give the Porshe Design Blackberry a good home. :)
I wish this would be the first contest I ever win, nevertheless, good luck everyone!
I feel the need for speed, after using a 9000 for 4 years, I am looking lustfully at that cute Porsche Design you have in your hand. :)
adding you to my circle, with the hopes that winning a P'9981 can rekindle my crackberry/blackberry love!
just added ya to my circles. hoping I win the P 9981
coz i like blackberry.. plus i like the design on porsche design blackberry and i cant afford one.. :)
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