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OK, So how many of you iPhone / Android / Windows Phone people are going to give BlackBerry 10 a try? I know you want to!
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I still have my Playbook for the kids, but as soon as BB10 hits, I'll upgrade and check it out.  It won't replace my Nexus 7 tab but it will be interesting to see how the dev community backs it up with apps.  On the phone side, you'd have to pry my Android phone from my cold dead hands :-)
I love me some Android, but will likely be picking up a BB 10 device to give it a run.  Currently have a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and iPhone 4.  The iPhone has to go and what better to replace it with.  Android will still be my primary device unless BB 10 blows me away, but I have missed some nuances from BB on every other platform I have tried.  Excited to see it and hopefully a resurgence of RIM.
I would, if it wasn't such a big commitment just to try it.

The problem is that you spend a bunch of money and then you're pretty much stuck with it for 2 or 3 years (or you pay a lot up front to buy the phone outright, or you pay a lot later to leave your contract).  If it works out well, then it's a good deal.  If it doesn't work out well, then it isn't (especially since I'm very happy with my Android phone).

Like +Porfirio Reyes I will upgrade my Playbook to see how that goes.
Blackberry came, blackberry went. It's a failing platform, and the Android Sandbox in the Playbook made that VERY obvious.
I have a playbook, nexus 7 and sg2. Will upgrade the playbook to BB10 and take it for a spin, then I will decide. So far, I like what I see, just can't wait for BB10 to be released.
I am a google fanboy now but will give bb10 a shot since BB was my first smartphone.
not unless they offer theme studio again
I already seem to have promised you I'll get one lol :-)
I'm hoping for RIM to succeed, but I sold my PlayBook a week ago to a friend. I'll bug said friend to upgrade to BB10 when it comes out and give it a try.

But Android roped me in. And ironically, a large reason was because the Android apps I side loaded on my old PlayBook were nicer than what was found in BB App World...
The phone is only the first step back to competitiveness.  AppWorld has to find a way to compete with GPlay and iTunes across their entire array of offerings (not just apps, media/books-magazines, cloud services), and Win 8 that will incorporate all they currently have in xBox and Tablets that will work with your desktop apps.  Its not just about the phone any more - BB hasn't shown any signs they get that yet
Nope as a former bb owner, I already done my time.
I loved my curve and at times still miss the simplicity of it but when I switched to Android I haven't looked back. BB just doesn't have what Android has in its open sourcedness. And apps are a big thing for me, love my apps.
BB to Android back to BB. I like Android and its Linux brothers, just not on my phone. BB allows me to do what I need to do faster, and with class. I think those that switch do not get the whole BB experience, and probably have not used a newer BB phone. I had a 8330 curve, liked it  but was not totally impressed. I now own a 9350 curve and would not trade it for any other phone....................except a BB10 phone. ;)
Australia, iPhone. Very interested as well as my colleagues
My wife's experience with the Droid left us unimpressed, so she switched for a 4S iPhone and I'll stay in the BB fold.
I used to be a Black Berry user and an early adopter, but they are too late into the game and like many consumers, I've switched to another platform and I am pretty satisfied. Hopefully it works for them when the new devices and BB 10 come out.
It al depends on the app support and user reviews once it comes out. Android is a strong contender
No doubt it'll be a great system - I may have to wait a few months because of VZW contract, but I'm definitiely in!
I am android user. But I always envy Blackberry. I would like to switch to Blackberry. So please let me fullfil my Destiny. Santa choosed me to bring all the harmony, smoothness and stableness to all android users from all the world, spreading his good news. The Light of Rim will shut the gates of Android Oblivion!

Let me the "BBorn" shout my "Fus Ro Dah" to Android!

Let me won that Promo!
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