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OK, in true Android / Google + fashion I'm going to pull a +Phil Nickinson and break word of this here first..... you can now download the CrackBerry Forums app for ANDROID out of the Google Play store.

I figured there's a lot of former BB users out there now rocking on Android who have a sweet spot in their heart for BlackBerry and probably want to keep up with what's happening on the upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10, so now you can with sweet forum app goodness. Enjoy Android people. Use it well! If you're gonna post.. don't troll! :)
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Wow. This is truly awesome. This is how you cross promote.
Ummm is this a sign of Kevin hedging his bets in case RIM doesn't make it?
with my 53 year old eyes it will be easier to read the forums on the GNote than it is on my 9810 so I appreciate this!
I just signed a 3yr with my carrier. With Android. At this point the. Only way I'd roll with a BB10 is if someone gave me one or I won one on a Contest. It does sound awesome. I think I'd choose the "Bold" version rather then the touch version
thanks kev.. im bb fan with bb9700 and a playbook. but now, im rocking a samsung galaxy s3 while waiting for bb10.
The app is pure awesomeness. I love it!
The 9930 looks great but ill never pull the trigger, maby if something should happen to my galaxy note
Great stuff, I also agree with Antonio, I love the look of the 9900 but would replacing my SGS3 until the new BB10 qwerty phone comes out!
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