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I've been designing a parametric 3d printed rocket nozzle in openSCAD, mainly as a learning experience. I'd eventually like to try casting one out of metal, but in the mean time i'm just playing with the printed ones with pressurized gas.

It's up on github if you want to contribute: https://github.com/Buback/ParametricDeLavalModel.git
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We really enjoyed your project and shared it in our weekly ""Community Corner"" post at Adafruit! http://adafru.it/b101092 
Please consider joining us sometime for our weekly Adafruit Show and Tell whenever you have a new project to share! http://adafru.it/dfD
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Thanks! It's these kind of projects that push you past your comfort zone to learn new things.
Now that the nozzle is mostly complete, I want to use my arduino and servos to make it gimbal. Stay tuned!
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