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Kevin McCormick
I am a content entrepreneur who fights the battle for customers and success each day.
I am a content entrepreneur who fights the battle for customers and success each day.
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Another mass shooting, this time in California. 14 dead, 21 injured. The conversation has taken a predictable path: those on the left arguing for gun control; those on the right fighting harder to protect the 2nd amendment.

What's the middle ground? What can be done to address the problem without trampling on a person's rights?

We explore that question on this edition of The McCormick View.

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The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France highlighted - again - the language that is used to describe different groups of people who do similar things.

In America, we have a (bad) habit of lumping all of a group in the same category because of a small percentage of bad people. But, conversely, other acts are labeled as individualized acts of random violence.

Today's episode explores the business of language and how its used to shape opinions of the public.

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Check out the results of my review and evaluation of XFINITY's smartphone app, TV Go, which is used to watch a huge selection of content for Comcast subscribers.

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So, the former mayor of New York City, Rudy Guliani, when speaking to a nearly all-white, conservative audience, recently made the claim that President Barack Obama, "doesn't love America," and "wasn't raised like you and me."


People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones, Mr. Guliani. Because when you do, it leads people to look at how much you love America.

The fact that your father and your uncles were all afliated with organized crime, convicted felons, and evaded the draft for World War II, what does that say about your familiy's love for America?

Or, the fact that you managed to evade the draft for Vietnam SIX times, finally getting a federal judge to write an exemption specifically for you that killed any future chances of you being drafted. 

What does the fact that you actively avoided fighting for our country say about how much you love America, Mr. Guliani?

President Obama was raised by his (white) grandparents, where his grandfather and uncles served with distinction during World War II. Do you think that love of country was impressed upon a young Barack?

You're right, Barack Obama wasn't raised like you. He was raised by family members who showed their love of America with commitment and honor, not doing things to undermine the country like draft dodging.

He was raised for a time in other countries, gaining a valuable perspective on how the rest of the world sees America, and being able to appreciate and respect the different opinions of others. He wasn't raised around organized crime, watching relatives act as "enforcers," inflicting pain on people who didn't pay their "mob taxes" on time.

No, Mr. Guliani, the President wasn't raised like you were. He was raised better than you were.

And, that is why he is President Barack Obama, and you are just a shadow of what you could have been.

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This is a thrift pickers DREAM... I could only wish to find something this valuable!

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