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This Diary entry from 1942 supports the 'BBC as MiniTrue' reading of 1984
The thing that strikes one in the BBC – and it is evidently same in various of the other departments – is not so much the moral squalor and the ultimate futility of what we are doing, as the feeling of frustration, the impossibility of getting anything done, even any successful piece of scoundrelism. Our policy is so ill-defined, the disorganisation is so great [there are so many changes of plan] and the fear and hatred of intelligence are so all...
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Holy moly. Had no idea his diaries were out. His diary writing draws me in, a vivid sense of place and person without laying in on thick.
I'm told that there's a ton of them to see basted years passed. Good luck.
That blog posts them a day at a time, which means I have an orwell's diary timewarp feed to read
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