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google talk solved this a while back on android/mac
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yeah this cracked me up when i seen this. Between G voice and G talk where is the "NEW" here?
Most of the new features are fairly minor updates... I'm holding out for OSX: Liger...
Apple, taking old features and packaging them as NEW for years.
This is definitely an answer to GoogleTalk. Always found it odd that G+ added the Messenger func when it could have just used GoogleTalk anyhow. The next step of course will be G+ adding Messenger to it's web interface... effectively replacing GoogleTalk. Which would be silly.
I'm glad they have the sense to not do that. Centralizing the app UI/conventions across platforms makes it easy for the devs but as we can see not necessarily for the users.
are iMessages on OSX only available in a developer pre-release? can't find any info in the App Store
Thanks for clearing that up Travis :-)
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