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Kevin Marks

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Panoramic pic for +Tantek Çelik​
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Google photos is archival by default, which g+ used to do as moments iirc. Now g+ is for sharing semi publicly, and photos for more privately, I think. The panoramic UI now is in Cardboard Photos. 
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Kevin Marks

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Andrew's Edinburgh Fringe show Facebook Official is getting going. 
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Kevin Marks

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The latest android M 6.0.1 update corrupted my nexus 6, and attempts to reflash it are failing with oem lock.
Any suggestions? 
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It bricked my N(, too.
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Kevin Marks

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What is this 'apps drawing over the screen' bullshit with Android 6.0.1? Can't upgrade +GooglePlayMusic because of vague errors.
Is there any way to revert a nexus 6 so I don't get incoherent lockouts every time I try to use +googlecardboard or upload a picture to twitter?
who allowed +GooglePlayMusic to ship with an error message saying "turn off any apps that might be drawing over the screen and try again" ?
Seriously, +GooglePlayMusic, +googlewallet, it's not my job to guess what apps you're fretting about. It's yours.
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The choice of error message sometimes astounds. 

For reference, the app settings I have for the draw over other apps permission are:
Clock: Yes
Google Play Music: Yes
Google Play services: Yes
MX Player Pro: No
Photos: Yes
TalkBack: Yes
Tasker: Yes
YouTube Music: No

There are some non-stock apps in the list but they're pretty popular so I included them. This is on a Nexus 7 (2013).

For those having the same issue who don't know where to look: Settings -. Apps -> (cog) -> Draw over other apps
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Kevin Marks

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hang on, when I click follow on someone now, G+ puts them in a random circle? And has lot the "new circle" UI?
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i like your post

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Kevin Marks

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Kevin Marks

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My first reaction to the AMP project fro speeding up webpages
The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere. Which sounds very much in tune with indieweb goals, so I had a quick look. My first reaction was one of ...
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It seems we are on the verge on a new web-ish model. "Modern" sites and applications are coming up against shortcomings in the delivery protocols. Cookies, security, identity and authentication issues are creating a mess in many sites.
Of course, all the big players want us to use their specific solutions.
The more open and independent solutions are fighting an uphill adoption battle.
Hopefully, the evolution will be rapid and the dust will settle soon.
But until then, I've got job security. :)
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Kevin Marks

commented on a post on Blogger.
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So you're saying we're at the yahoo stage? 
Instead of 'cargo culting' the app stores we should be asking what web-centric solutions to the problem would look like. For me that means lots of competing and opinionated PWA directories rather than one central PWA Store or even a popular search engine.
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Kevin Marks

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The latest Android M 6.0.1 update put my Nexus 6 into a corrupted state. I can't flash a new image per as it says "Device is LOCKED. Status Code 2", and 'fastboot oem unlock' fails.

Does anyone know of a way to get it out of OEM lock?
(bootloader) Check 'Allow OEM Unlock' in Developer Options. is not helpful
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LOL.  Yeah, that seems a bit much.

Though, the NRT option may work as well.  At least there's an "official" way to do it.
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Kevin Marks

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The way to make this sustainable is to tap into the value that Google can create by making railways more useful with data - I wrote about this last week +Sundar Pichai +Google Maps 
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you'd think, I wonder why it isn't done yet? Do googlers not realize people take buses!?  My main beef is they will gladly route you on google maps using public transportation from city A to city B via some crazy-ass train/metro-bus route no one in their right mind will take (when taking a greyhound will work simply). They should just say that can't do that kind of routing yet since they are missing the largest chuck of data needed to do it. /end rant
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Kevin Marks

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I just I followed the link and found an explanation and a ton of useful information!
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Best freshest fish and chips ever.
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Delicious fresh sushi at a bargain price, and really fast service
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Excellent coffee, both espresso and pour over. Tasty snacks and home made chocolates.
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Good beer and cocktail selection, but Schlomo is still much missed.
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18 reviews
Very tasty bbq, with homemade sauces and marinades. Try the Indonesian Beef
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Great beers, wines and snacks. Handy for Moscone events
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Public - 4 years ago
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The perfect place to host your web apps. Friendly geeky people and a great selection of drinks too.
Public - 4 years ago
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