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Not great, but some of my first lightning shots in CO. Taken just west of Hudson, CO facing SSE
2012-06-06 Colorado Lightning (4 photos)
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Eclipse timelapse
2012-05-20 (10 photos)
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Pics from our trip to Nicaragua with Living Water ( can be found here:

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2008-06-17 Chase
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2008 Chase Vacation (11 photos)
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This may be a dumb question, but am I correct in my understanding that you cannot post to other people's profiles in Google+ (a la posting on someone's Facebook "wall")?

I wanted to ask +Rick Smith why Wichita Falls has kept their 100F+ streak alive.

Is the official reading site something other than Sheppard AFB? I was unable to find a METAR report for KSPS that exceeded 100F on 11 August and was wondering if I was looking in the wrong place for the official measurement. Thanks!

Nice slow quiet morning. Gonna try not to spoil it by loading up too many things on the checklist today.

Had a FANTASTIC time with my sister's family (and their friends) over the past 5 days. Found out that having a dozen people in your house can be challenging, but the deafening silence after they left is tough to swallow.

Coolest thing was seeing my nieces meet their favorite players at the WCoS and watching them get tons of autographs. Also had a blast playing Lego Indiana Jones with my nephew on the XBox. I imagine this will be quite a memorable trip for them - definitely was for me.
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