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Kevin Lynch
Chesham based IT person
Chesham based IT person


My oneplus 3T Android mobile has a borked bluetooth stack and can't route phone audio to the bluetooth headphones or work with ANT+ devices

I think I'm going to get a watch. I want run logging, prompts to bluetooth headphones, heart rate tracking - which of the watches available today can do all that

Any suggestions


Is there a manual detailing all the functionality? In particular I can't get the ghosts to work? I don't think I have a "bug" just not sure how to really use it

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Sleepy sleepy Kevin

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Fountain Abbey fantastic photosphere

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Pictures from visiting the poppy installation, commemorating the dead of WW1 at the Tower of London
Tower of London WWI Poppy Installation
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This seems like your sort of tool.
Microsoft Research has done great computer graphics/vision research for years and years. Check out their video--it's neat stuff.
First-person Hyperlapse Videos
First-person Hyperlapse Videos

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I love being able to send and receive texts on my computer when my phone is somewhere else. Great replacement for hangouts text on KitKat

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A thing of simple elegant beauty
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