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Kevin Lossner
Quality doesn't matter until it goes missing
Quality doesn't matter until it goes missing

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memoQuickie: version 8.0 begins public "beta" testing
At breakfast in the Social Media Cafe this morning: You may have seen the hype behind the " memoQ Adriatic " rollout yesterday. AFAIK this is the first version of the software released without beta-testing, so the release is essentially a beta test. Beware....

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Building a regex-savvy "termbase" in memoQ
For years I have been frustrated by and dissatisfied with how abbreviations are handled in the current memoQ termbase model. The crux of the problem is the handling of the periods in the expressions. This can be seen with termbase entries like the following...

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The ART of all-round translation....
There is a certain mythology that in Ye Goode Olde Days, life was simpler and more generalist and a whole lot easier. I suspect that is mostly bunk. The stresses and pressures were different, but probably no less when considered objectively. I remember tryi...

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A matter of priority in memoQ
Every memoQ user knows the Translation Results pane. It's that subwindow on the upper right part of the memoQ translation/editing environment which shows content matches from various sources, including translation memories, LiveDocs corpora, term bases, etc...

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The Dark Secret of memoQ interface switch-hitters
The memoQ world looks very different in the typical view of a translator versus that of a project manager. Chaos Central: the memoQ Translator Pro dashboard Ready to work: the project manager interface of memoQ These differences sometimes lead to difficulti...

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Go Figure (with memoQ!)
When translating patents, legal briefs, reports, manuals and many other kinds of documents I inevitably encounter figure references to photographs and illustrations in the text as well as the labeled captions for these. In this morning's translation of a pe...

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Free shareable, searchable glossaries for collaboration with anyone
Some years ago I suggested a procedure using Google spreadsheets for glossary collaboration in projects . Many people do this sort of thing now. What I do not think most are doing, however, is accessing these web-based term lists efficiently as terminology ...

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Getting the picture with automated web searches
Like many other translators, I have come to appreciate the value and the complications of Internet searches in my work. As the garbage accumulated on the World Wide Web grows ever deeper, focused searches are more important than ever to get past the noise t...

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The challenge of too many little files to translate
It seems to me that most translators face this challenge eventually: a customer has many small files of some kind - tiny web pages perhaps or other content snippets in XML, text or Microsoft Word files or perhaps even in some bizarre proprietary format - an...

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Validating Roman numerals in translation QA
The issue of Roman numerals in my translation work has been at the back of my mind for a few years now, but the pain level had not been such that I got around to dealing with it. It comes up time and again in legal translation work: references to the "X. Se...
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