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Interesting post by Jonathan Chait about the parallels between Trump and Hitler.

No, Trump is not Hitler or a Nazi. Trump’s racism is not of the genocidal variety, and he is committed neither to a program of Darwinian racial conquest nor the principled imposition of one-party rule. If President Trump does start a world war, it would probably be as a result of blundering rather than a long-term master plan.

But, the German right viewed Hitler in strikingly similar terms to how Republican elites view Trump. They considered him a buffoon. Alfred Hugenberg, leader of the German-Nationals, deemed the Nazis “little better than a rabble, with dangerously radical social and economic notions." His appeal, the German elite believed, came from his outsider status, which allowed him to posture against the political system and make extravagant promises to his followers that would never be tested against reality.

German conservatives did not see Hitler as Hitler — they saw Hitler as Trump. And the reasons they devised to overcome their qualms and accept him as the head of the government would ring familiar to followers of the 2016 campaign. They believed the responsibility of governing would tame Hitler, and that his beliefs were amorphous and could be shaped by advisers once in office. They respected his populist appeal and believed it could serve their own ends. Their myopic concern with specifics of their policy agenda overcame their general sense of unease. Think of the supply-siders supporting Trump in the hope he can enact major tax cuts, or the social conservatives enthused about his list of potential judges, and you’ll have a picture of the thought process.

Republicans may feel like they can endorse Trump now, avoiding the consequence of alienating their pro-Trump constituents, secure in the knowledge that he is likely to lose. It probably does not feel to Trump’s queasy endorsers that they are actually helping to make him president. But appearances are deceiving. Betting markets give Trump better than a one-in-four chance to prevail. FiveThirtyEight, a more reliable forecaster, gives him better than a one-in-five chance. That is not negligible. If Trump’s polls improve, the pressure for Republicans to support him will only grow. There is, realistically, little opportunity for Republicans to stop Trump once they have jumped aboard. Through Election Day, a Trump presidency will be a mere hypothetical. Afterward, if it happens, the reality will descend all at once.

That reality is stark. Trump’s admiration for ironfisted dictators, not only in Ba'athist Iraq but Russia, China, and North Korea, is the ideological lodestar of his long history of political musings. Over the years, Trump has weaved left and right on health care, abortion, taxes, and even the issues currently central to his campaign, like immigration and trade, but has never wavered from his foundational belief that strong leaders are those who crush their enemies without restraint. Whatever norms or bounds that we think limit the damage a president could inflict are likely to be exceeded if that president is Trump. Those Republicans who publicly endorse Trump because he probably won’t win may be making an error on a historic scale.

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Happy 4th of July.

(Incredible impromptu Acapella of the Star Spangled Banner)

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Hollywood #Whitewashing, how is it still a thing?

Allison Ng in Aloha, who is one quarter Chinese, one quarter Hawaiian, is played by blond Emma Stone. Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell will be played by Scarlett Johansson. The Tibetan monk in Dr. Strange is played by Tilda Swinton.

But at least Hollywood is hiring more women. Yay?

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Google is offering another $6 Play Store credit for Chromecast owners (up to 2).

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Maybe Chinese food is so yummy because they've had thousands of years to perfect dishes, and only the awesome ones can survive thousands of years.

The quintessential breakfast food, Jianbing, for example, was supposedly invented in 280 AD by a commander who told his soldiers to cook batter on their shields after they lost their woks. How many modern dishes have such a cool back story? :)

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This cat is probably better at playing charades than some people I know. 

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Florida has the strangest criminals... Not even the Onion can make this up.

For a hilarious feed, follow this:

Gender equality! His counterpart is hilarious, too:

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From reheating leftovers evenly to reviving dried honey and mascara, your microwave is pretty darn useful.

Check out our latest video below (yes, it's been a while, but we're back!), and make sure to like/subscribe for more Lifehacker videos! 

Also, more on each of these tricks here:

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The most depressing TV show for cats.

I grew up rooting for the cat and always ended up cranky by the end of the show.
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