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Kevin Lemere

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Kevin Lemere

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Alex Hernandez originally shared to Just Some Thoughts:
So it's been a year and a half since I started +TECHAERIS and almost a year since I started +MOARGeek .
I wasn't ever sure where any of this was heading and to be honest, I was very surprised at how fast we grew. 
While we're not the size of larger publications like The Verge, Engadget, Gizmodo, CNET and the like we're trying our best. 
We've even been sourced by some of those publications as you can see here in the links below.

That's a huge accomplishment right there and one I am very proud of our crew for.
We're coming to realize it takes a lot of advertising dollars to turn something like this into a full time gig and one of the things we pride ourselves on is being very light on advertising. We try to keep adverts out of the way of the content. So much so that we don't even put an advert in the prime spot for adverts, the header. Most every other site has adverts in their header. 

In the coming months we'll be launching a revamped campaign that will give you the users an opportunity to support the content we create. This is going to be an effort to continue to keep both sites light on adverts and keep high quality content. I sincerely hope you'll consider supporting us in whatever way you can. There are a lot of good people who put a lot of time into both sites who deserve to be rewarded and we'd like to start doing just that.

I want to close by saying thanks to a bunch of people who have helped us get where we are. The first part of the list are great people who are or have been part of the crew.....after that are just some great people who support us daily.

First off my wife +Lisa Hernandez 
+Justin Jelinek 
+Christopher Wieninger 
+Jason Bouwmeester 
+Matt Lyons 
+Ben Thornsberry 
+Blake Mitchell 
+Chris Wilson 
+Corey Leighton 
+Crystal Black 
+Debbie Jelinek 
+Derek Joniak 
+Drew Sanders 
+Greg Morris 
+Holland Rhodes 
+Jason Falter 
+Jim G 
+Jonathon Brearley 
+J.P. Harvey 
+Josh Tryon 
+Kar Bar 
+Kevin Lemere 
+Kevin Nunley 
+Kyle Funk 
+Marc Sykes 
+Neil Dymond-Green 
+Shaun Aston 
+Scott Nelson 
+Tom Rodman 
+Zach Coma 
+Stormy Beach 
+Randy Brown 
+Hanna Garretson 
+K10 Slevin 
+Spiderfly Studios 
+Kahil Nettleton 
+Alex Cruz 
+J Agnew 
+Joe Del Vecchio 
+TheCollective AndroidTeam 
+Derek G 
+Jack Holt 
+Scott H. 
+Jake Weisz 
+Teresa Koch 
+Jason Koch 
+Steve Brantley 
+Luke Shiras 
+Mike Neufeld 
+Michele Messenger 
+Mark Gaw 
+Nisah Cheatham 
+Terry Boccarossa 
+John Vincent 
+Christine Ayabe 
+Carole Rigonalli 
+Walter Zayas III 
+Patrick Campanale 
+Joshua Bane 
+Chris Pick 
+Travis Owens 
+Jokes On You 
+Adam Holden 
+Ian Huey 
+Alvin McClendon II 
+C. Anthony Esposito II 
+Rachel Ying 
+Greg Ryals
+Ryan Ellerbe 
+Robert Warren 

I probably missed many many people but you all know who you are! Thanks so much for supporting us!
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very goooooooog.....!

i like you my friend
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Kevin Lemere

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Kevin Lemere

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Happy Star Wars Day!
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Kevin Lemere

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Red for the Win
While taking pictures for Laura's prom yesterday we found this amazing automobile and decided that the moment was too sweet to pass up. So I had her pose for a moment. HDR time. And look at the result. An amazing car and a beautiful young lady. Enjoy!
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Kevin Lemere

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Stop letting these habits get you down.
We all have the potential to build destructive habits that could be hindering our happiness.
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Kevin Lemere

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Saw Avengers, Age of Ultron tonight. Such a great movie!
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Kevin Lemere

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Mike Elgan originally shared to Technology:
Why you want Google Photos!

(Read my full review: )

We all love to take pictures. Smartphones make it easy.

Because it's so easy to take pictures, we take a lot of them. (I personally have more than 80,000 photos and videos which take up more than 215 gigabytes of space.)

That's when the fun ends and the hassle begins. The truth is that managing, sharing and editing photos is harder than it should be. Most of us lost control of our photo collections long ago.

Labeling, tagging and organizing photos is difficult and time-consuming. But if you don't do all of those things, can be hard to find a specific photo.

Pictures are inconvenient to share, too -- especially when people are scattered across different social networks. (And there's always that odd relative who isn't on any of the social networks.)

Editing pictures can be difficult and time-consuming. It's also tediously labor-intensive to do creative things with pictures.

And at some point, all those photos can max out the storage on our phones. Yet we hesitate to delete them because we're afraid of accidentally getting rid of pictures we want to keep.

The only product or service that solves each and every one of those problems is Google Photos, which Google announced Thursday at its Google I/O developers conference.

Here's why I think you'll switch to Google Photos:

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Kevin Lemere

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If you're not using Google Photos already then why not? This just sweetens the deal. Google Photos will store unlimited amounts of up to 16mp photos and 1080p videos for free for you. Wonder how I can use this is business. :)
Alex Hernandez originally shared to Google News:
After months of speculation, rumours, and naysaying, Google officially unveiled their new Google Photos app and service at Google I/O allowing users to backup, access, and share their photos from the cloud.
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Kevin Lemere

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Monster Moon

The full moon is today. How will you shoot it? Remember the moon is a reflection of the sun and should be shot with a medium aperture (f/9) and a shutter speed high enough to not have camera shake (try 1/250s) then adjust ISO as needed. Prefer lower ISO for a darker sky.

The image attached was shot with a tripod and is a composite of two different images. One of the moon (enlarged) and one of the driftwood. A long exposure of the driftwood with some light painting using a high powered flashlight allowed me to capture the movement of the waves and also light up the driftwood for effect.

Coming soon: purchase art like this image right from my website at!
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Kevin Lemere

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Laura and Adam inside Furman bell tower
Another one of the prom pictures I took yesterday for my sister's senior prom.

From Kevin at Image Creative Commons Noncommercial. 
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Kevin Lemere

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This is a problem that needs to be squashed at the individual level. Be smart folks. #plusonly
Chris Jenkins originally shared to Internet Culture:
The SEO Circle Share Spammers are back out in force.

I'm seeing the crappy circle share spam running around again, and a whole batch of fresh faced G+ n00bs are getting sucked into it. It's understandable to be flattered by inclusion in a circle share, but you need to understand what these things are for. 

They are NOT to gain you quality engagement with followers interested in your content. They ARE strictly a way for spammers to get you to circle a bunch of garbage accounts.

These are the guys who sell the "BUY G+ FOLLOWERS AND SHARES!!!" services, and you are getting sucked into their spam hole. 

Here are the warning signs you're being sucked into a spammy circle share: 

 - They ALWAYS require that you circle and share to stay included in the circle. (Pay to play).

 - When you click "Add People", really scroll through and see who is in the circle. While you might see some familiar faces (including mine), you're going to see a bunch of business pages not relevant to you in the slightest. 

 - A GOOD circle share is one curated by a specific categorization where all of the members are being personally endorsed by the sharer. An "Engagers" circle is utter bullshit; there are hundreds of millions of people who "engage" on Google+. You don't need a special circle for that.

Understand that just because someone is in a circle DOES NOT mean they endorse it. Popular plussers are included in these spammy circles as bait. I frequently get included on the worst of them, and you'd think having me show up in their threads telling them to die slowly would discourage that. 

Building a good experience on G+ means finding and interacting with people you actually share interests with, and that follower count doesn't mean anything when 90% of the resulting followers end up being bots and spam pages with nothing you want to see. 

If you've seen spammy circle sharing in your hoops, spread this around. We need to quash that bullshit.
It begins so seductively..."GAIN NEW FOLLOWERS AND DRIVE TRAFFIC TODAY!" (OK, that may not be seductive to everyone, but when you're a small business or startup
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