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Oh, you thought you knew how much a Billion is? WRONG!

Actually, in America and Britain a billion is what you think it is, but in most of the non-English speaking European countries, a billion has a different value, and truthfully, it does make a lot more sense using this "long system" for naming large numbers.

Pretty interesting.
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Great post Kevin. I knew differences existed but had no idea how silly the short system is until juxtaposed with 'the power of'.
Sort of equates to governments making seasons start on the 1st of a month with no regard to the solstice.
Yeah that was the same for me. After seeing how much more logical sense the long system makes, I really want to switch lol. Fat chance, though, we can't even get on the metric system!
Ahh yes. Yards and things. I had a chuckle years back over that NASA/JPL stuff up where they were using different systems and their rockets missed or something. I think it's slowly making inroads. All of the scientific community uses metric.
But on the other hand, different thinking/views promotes different ideas.
Chris R
+Kevin Lanni
do it in your own life and teach your children. that's what i'm doing.
+Matthew Taylor what kind of government did that? I think seasons should start exactly between the solstice and the equinox because those are supposed to be the peaks in the middle not the begining
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