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to update or not to update to OS X Lion, that's the real question. I have found my macs never run as well with an OS other than the one they shipped with installed.
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Odd. I've never had a problem with upgrading Macs, at least to the next 2 gens of OS's. Then again, those upgrades usually happened at the same time as RAM upgrades, so maybe that's a key point. Still, this OS is very track-pad heavy, so remember that if you do upgrade, you'll probably be buying a track pad soon.
Updating mine now. some people say their system performance seems a bit snappier
I'm worried about compatibility issues with my music software. Plus I don't think it's worth the $30 just to have shortcuts to the programs that are already in my dock.
@quentyn my 2010 MBP not only feels snappier, but it runs significantly cooler. CPU management seems to be improved. FWIW. 
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