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Google+ is already dead.
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agreed. soon it'll be like myspace where people check it once every few months until they forget they have an account.
I'm glad I was here before millions of others.. as my stream is nothing but top notch people from all aspects of the tech industry. I love the circles I have, The privacy I can micromanage and did I mention the excellent people I've met commenting and posting on since joining G+. It's like I don't need to surf to my 20+ techie sites for info.. it just all comes to me through G+ stream direct from Google engineers and CEO's of tech companies.. LOVE IT!

Also I'm a little biased as I was the lead activist to try and bring Google "Fiber for Communities" to Oklahoma City!
the problem is google+ is nothing but people from the tech industry.
+Kevin Krause And that's bad why? You do understand the internet and social media are bringing us full circle back to small town recommendations and influence.. It's such a beautiful time to be living in... We are on the cutting edge of a revolution in media and business and economy and the Internet is the cause..

So I ask.. why are techy people bad?
+Kevin Krause, I agree with +Bret Weller.
It's too early to say that G+ is dead. Besides, with no businesses on here yet, what non-techie would bother
heh. it's been less than a month (& it's still invite only). stop being so quick to jump the gun on calling it dead. it hasn't even started yet imo
Rose L.
+Kevin Krause I disagree with saying that G+ only has tech people. There are a tones of photographers all over the world that are using G+. My local streams show people that I doubt are very tech savvy. 
The truth is, Twitter used to be full of only tech industry people and look at it now. You can't call a product dead when in its early stages it's only being used by the early adopters.
Remember, it's still in closed beta. And google hasn't really advertised it yet.
I can't even spell and I am on google+. Like it more than facebook. That reminds me that I must cheak in there some time again. Anyway Kevin sounds like your tiepiese iphone user. Don't take them serious!
I've been looking at ways to cut down people in my circles to make it easier to keep up. Thanks for the dumb comment, that combined with some of your other thoughtless ones, has given me one less troll to follow! 
"the problem is google+ is nothing but people from the tech industry" I fail to see the problem with this...
That's a LOAD of pewp. It really hasn't even come to life yet. Once third party APIs are loosed. G+ will be my MAIN. All others will be posted to in ancillary fashion.
I would agree with Adam... right now, it's still in early beta. Most of the features which will eventually entice the non-tech crowd to post here instead of Facebook aren't in place yet. Once you can have a farm, and invite everyone you've ever met to help tend to your crops, G+ will explode.
+Jason Halpern, for as much as you are right on the "farming", I just can't help but think how freaking boring that sounds. Zynga has my props though, making money off boredom.
Your gonna loose some followers talking like that. Too soon to tell.
+Kevin Krause im so glad its not full of old high school friends that use FB to bitch and moan about their misfortunes...oh, and telling the world they just bought mac and cheese at the grocery
@kevin, the people from the tech industry are here for a reason...
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