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When you are looking for a stronger WiFi signal...

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FYI, the iOS keyboard is better than you probably think...
iOS 7.1 gave the iOS keyboard a slight makeover. Here is a guide to tips & and tricks you might not have known about.

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Come on #Apple, is Bitcoin really threatening your ability to make even more money?
#Bitcoin users are smashing their #iPhones (skip to about 2 minutes in the video) in response to the removal of #Blockcoin, a popular Bitcoin wallet app, from the #AppStore

#Apple removed the app (the last Bitcoin wallet app available from iOS) today with no explanation. Users see it as a direct attack on the form of #cryptocurrency.


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This might be my new #Facebook app...
#FacebookPaper might not be for everyone...but it might just be the best app ever produced by the social network. 

More coverage:

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Pretty interesting. Would be awesome if this pans out adding even more control to an already deceptively  powerful touchpad.
Apple's trackpad is a thing of beauty, but is it about to get even better?

Apple is looking into pressure-sensitive touchpads with tactile feedback in future MacBook computers, according to a newly uncovered patent filing. What added functionality do you think the new features could bring? 

#Apple  #MacBook #patents

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Is this the first step toward bettering the tablet app situation for Android? 

Read more:
Today Google Play is rolling out some previously announced changes that make it even easier for tablet users to discover great apps and games. Make sure your app is taking full advantage of these changes. 

First, users browsing Google Play on a tablet now see the "Designed for tablets" section as the default view in top lists, to better highlight the apps and games that look great on tablets. Tablet users can still switch the view so they can see all apps or games if they choose.

Second, apps and games that do not meet the “Designed for tablets” criteria are marked as “Designed for phones” for users browsing the Play Store on their tablets.

To check whether your app can be included in the "Designed for tablets" section, go to the Developer Console to check your tablet optimization tips. If you see any issues listed, you’ll need to address them in your app and upload a new binary for distribution. When there are no more issues listed, your app is eligible for the “Designed for tablets" view (normal ranking and filtering still apply).

Every day thousands of Android developers are taking advantage of the tremendous Android tablet opportunity. The flood of new users coupled with the increased screen size means new user experiences, more engagement, and more monetization opportunities for your app.

Building great tablet apps:

Designing for tablets? We’re here to help!:
Tablet Quality Checklist:
Devices and Displays:
Multipane Layouts:
Developer Stories: Android Tablets:
Tablet changes in Google Play:


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Just finished my iPad Air review. Here it is!
We've had about a week to toy around with our iPad Air. Here is our initial review based on our experiences. Agree/disagree? Let us know how you're liking your Air! 

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In case you missed it...
Here it is, our full iPhone 5S review.

Spoiler alert: this phone does not disappoint.

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Mobile Roar Podcast #14 coming up in about an hour. We'll preview our iPhone 5S review, mull the recent BlackBerry sale, and more!
Your weekly dose of mobile news with a hint of sarcasm, goofiness, and Jony Ive impressions.

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It takes a lot to get me to geek out about a phone these days, but I'm stoked on this iPhone 5S.
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