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Why so big?

Among the many mysteries of the universe is why it is so big. It is filled with zillions and zillions of galaxies. Each time we look we see more of them. Take some completely black speak of sky at night, one as big as grain of rice at arms' length, that shows no stars at all. Then drill down with a huge telescope, with multiple exposures equal to 55 hours, and see what you get. What you get is 200,000 other galaxies! This tiny speck is only 0.004% of the sky yet it contains 200,000 galaxies, each of which contains billions of stars and uncountable planets. What's the point?
Astronomy | galaxies | What happens when you take a monster 4.1 meter telescope in the southern hemisphere and point it at the same patch of sky for 55 hours?This. Oh my, this:[Click
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There may be a point, but if there is, we are a long, long way from figuring it out.
The thing's hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God— it's full of stars !
I always laugh when people ask if we are alone in the universe. That is statistically impossible!
+Adam Colon , there may very well be no point, and I agree that to simply exist is enough for its own sake, but neither of those things means there is necessarily no point.
If it weren't so big, then the universe would have an end. What would that be like?
+John Walkenbach Even Hawking eventually conceded the point that the universe is finite. It may be big, but it still has an end.
+Adam Colon conversely, neither has your comment any value, whatever that means in this context. Do I believe in a supreme being? No, and I still think that such a belief is little more than unjustified racial self-glorification. Furthermore, from a practical perspective, I am perfectly content with a more mechanistic view of the Universe.

Nevertheless, I acknowledge that the Universe may, indeed, have a point. It may have many points. I simply have no clue what they might be, and spend no time dwelling upon them.
+Kory Blackmore Well, if you define eternity as the time it takes everything to happen at least once, you are most likely correct.
+James Karaganis Well yeah, if you throw in any infinite variable into the equation then the statistical probability of something happening once becomes 0. =p

I meant, statistically, the probability of this instance being 1 was strongly approaching 0. (o:

I think that if more people truly understood how vast our Universe is, they would realize that any significance we have is to each other. Because we are certainly of no consequence to anyone or anything else.
The really pointless galaxies are the ones we can see now but that are far enough away that the expansion of the universe will carry them out of our light cone, so we could never visit them even if we left now at nearly the speed of light nor message them in any way. I suppose their constituent matter and ours could have commingled early in history, and they can see our galaxy as it was billions of years ago, but the relentless expansion separates us forever.
+Lucas Walter Has the balance of the universe been settled then? (ever expanding, balanced or going to collapse)

+James Karaganis I think the problem is our monkey brains. (o: For those of you that missed that paper there are something around 150 persons in our lives that was can care about. So if the garbageman dies, I won't be emotionally distraught by unfounded extension through rhetoric I further add that our little monkey brains can't comprehend the vastness we live in. Just trying to get a handle on geologic time is troublesome enough and generally we are taking only millions... not vigintillions and such. =p

Just my guess.
I believe, as Carl Sagan said...."an Expanding Universe, is an Exploding Universe...." And I say... we are merely Players.....
All of this just makes you realize how silly the fighting and arguing is we are but a spec of spec in the corner of a spec. Very nice work keep dreaming and thank you for sharing.
+Kory Blackmore last I checked we're expanding and the expansion is accelerating and has been doing so since inflation (where there was some very brief very fast expansion that then slowed down). Past performance doesn't equal future returns and also the theories that explain the expansion rather than just describing it are still immature and unsatisfactory. But as currently understood by me eventually the expansion separates all the galaxies, then rips them apart, then the stars and planets and the atoms.
Reinforces the pointlessness of existence, doesn't it? You have to be brave to face it, and wrestle your own meaning from it all. No fleeing to childishness, now.
The point is , what and why of all that is out there is beyond the grasp of a limited ego mind.
This brain is evolved to answers questions that are immediately useful for survival. Still what has been accomplished with that limited ability is awesome.
Kory Blackmore , so where are they ?
If you choose not to believe in a creator, why should it have a point?

Why go that far? What is the point of something a few dozen light years away? Closer still. what's the point of a very deep bit of ocean where only a handful of people have been?

Knowledge is cool. Being able to know stuff like this is what makes us human. Wanting to learn "just because" is confined to a very small number of animals. Being able to find out stuff like this is limited to humans only and not all of us.

Knowing stuff like that will not make anyone a better human being but not wanting to know anything will definitely make someone a poorer one.
Curiosity killed the cat. Then again, cows in fields aren't curious, and I know which I'd rather be.
+Sanjeev Mane They are either dead (or have reverted to a pre-spacefaring state), haven't evolved yet ... or simply do not give a damn about us. That, or they think we're psychotic and are wisely keeping their distance.
This is soooo worth the 250MB download of the original image. Truly jaw dropping.
If you look carefully at this picture you can see a word ... G O D
(I think the pic has been edited, rather I mean manipulated.).
I see a word so incredibly obscene I am disgusted that the universe would even think of spelling it out. Come on outer space, kids are watching.
The chittering of primates fearful of the dark. Sigh.
Good post though, I find photos of deep space very comforting. All that hugeness, all that space, all those planets. It tells me that whatever is going on with this life it's not such a big deal if things go wrong, even if we manage to blow up the earth there's a bazillion second chances out there somewhere.
Hmm.. Interesting.. if there was such a thing as your god, and you believe that he created heaven and earth, and there being "zillions and zillions" of galaxies (or heavens), how do you think that this god would have time to listen to everyone, on every planet, in every galaxy in the universe? It's quite a lot to process, even for one entity. Just a thought. :)
well,what is impossible with man is possible with God!!!!!
The universe isn't so big -- it is the smallest one I've ever seen. Also the largest, that's besides the point!
This is amazing material and it still continues on and on and..on. Thanks Kevin.
The vastness of the universe is what makes it so mysterious
That is what she said :3

Can I get a hallelujah?
55 is a sacred number of God,and it doesn't surprize me only comfirms the fact of what our gov hides and been doing.
5*5=25(2tablets 5commandments=X(10) J
Why so big! Why it does exist in the first place?
10^11 galaxies, 10^11 stars per, 10^11 neurons in a brain.
Just wondering about complexity, and maybe Goldilocks.
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Its a no brainer e=mc2 pathetic a.e. warned us too about the troubled water he saw back then.
This point of time we are going thru is the galactic precession of the last stage of ascention in the 13th accurance we are moving into and connects us all in the alingment self awareness of man it has been triggered by natures evolution stages of mother earths electromagnetic fields.
"Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space." - Douglas Adams
Does anybody know why and how it works easy math. mean light travels as your eye does it takes time to see ahead of the stale point of earth. Looking into speed of light is not instant picture of ahead space, light speed away from you is hard to catch up to if you look at it in a single look in the telescope.
Yes sir fractual...
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