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"I saw the best minds of my generation... writing spam filters." — Neal Stephenson, Solve For X

Solve for X: Neal Stephenson on getting big stuff done
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The mentioned quote is the best of the video.
Interesting material, but Stephenson is a dull speaker.
+Jim Tipping He's an awesome speaker!

As I wrote when I shared this about a week ago: He really seems like he is actually listening to himself, as opposed to someone who just rattles something off. I love his talks!
+Frank Nestel I like the whole "Here's an airplane, argue with that!"-passage. But your right, the spam filter thing is the best one...
+Niffe Hermansson Awesome? Perhaps you're easily awed. At any rate, I did listen to the whole thing, and the material is worthwhile.
Hahaha... +Jim Tipping, I am actually not easily awed generally, although I would like to be. I do get awed by apparent intellect, and deep thinking, though. So when it comes to those things I'm like a baby on christmas eve...
Where's the transcript that I can speed read? I'm afraid I don't do video except to play music in the background.
He's the literary visionary mind we all thought William Gibson would become.
very interesting thoughts, terrible speaker :D
Yep, he is a WRITER. I've met very few great writers who are great speakers.
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