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Right now China is running a copy-culture -- it will copy anything. Just like the US did 150 years ago. European artists and authors were furious with the blatant copy pirates operating openly in America. We grew out of it, and so will China. But right now copy is the culture in China, whether legit copies or illegit. And no where is the copy culture so visible as in the "art village" of Dafen, near Hong Kong. Thousands of artist churn out very good replicas of any image you want. Rembrant, Von Gogh, Matisee, Vermeer, you name it, they will paint it. In fact you can give them any image from any book, any camera, pick your style and in a few days, you can pick up your custom oil painting for $20. Today I walked around Dafen talking to a few of the painters. This guy operated under a stairwell. Note the photo from National Geographic that he is copying from.This is a bigger painting so he's been working on it for 5 days.
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While the copy culture is something to discuss, that's one impressive copy!
Is painting from a picture "copying"? I guess, but it should fall under "fair use".
Impressive work, but more interesting trend/story.
I don't see how this particular example is "copying". He's painting it by hand.
As KK said it will copy anything .
Not only a picture but also a software, a website.
You can check It's supposed to copy Facebook.
And also food,clothes,book,mobile phone.
In China the "IPhone" can enter Android system, can take the battery out or can hold two card.
Yes, painting from a picture is copying. Maybe not exactly, but enough to make it illegal in the US.
I've seen a documentary on Dafen village no so long ago. I want to go there! Would I buy their products? Sure! But less popular copies, not Mona Lisa.
Copying everything like IP in digital and physical products. There's an old saying in the bike industry especially; Same, Same, But Different.
The creative work coming out of China is stunning. As you walked around Dafen, you surely saw artists with amazing skills. They were taught by Russian Art School rules. COPY, COPY, COPY until you can DO. That said, is it wrong that these artists are making a living the way they were taught. Is it wrong that people support them(buy from them) if they can not afford the prices demanded elsewhere for that quality of work?
Same,Same,But Different......ผมมักคำนี้...
I think we better enjoy it while it lasts. God help us as they continue to shift to a culture of innovation (been happening for a while now).
The beauty of very cheap human labor.
Talent like that would be worth a lot more in the western society we are situated in. I think 中国 will emerge very soon with it's own stance and influence. Development is rapid in the modern age.
Remember folks, at one time the cheapest producer of goods was actually Germany. Look at how much peoples opinion of German products has changed.
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China really doesn't rely on copying anyone. It's a developed country in disguise of a developing one. Also in my opinion it's a good thing if a country copies the good things of another country using the right means. After all the world is one big family having three main branches but one single root.
It took me a while to notice that was a painting, I thought wow what an amazing view for a couple of seconds
Cultural mimesis / tracing the masters. I wonder if there is a means of determining a triple point in cultural production/ideas? There's where I would expect creativity to emerge - in the phasic shifts of ideas.
I was told that in chinese the symbols for "learn" and "copy" are the same. If that is right, than I agree with +Ben Robbins that we will see a lot of competition in every thinkable industry.
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