Right now China is running a copy-culture -- it will copy anything. Just like the US did 150 years ago. European artists and authors were furious with the blatant copy pirates operating openly in America. We grew out of it, and so will China. But right now copy is the culture in China, whether legit copies or illegit. And no where is the copy culture so visible as in the "art village" of Dafen, near Hong Kong. Thousands of artist churn out very good replicas of any image you want. Rembrant, Von Gogh, Matisee, Vermeer, you name it, they will paint it. In fact you can give them any image from any book, any camera, pick your style and in a few days, you can pick up your custom oil painting for $20. Today I walked around Dafen talking to a few of the painters. This guy operated under a stairwell. Note the photo from National Geographic that he is copying from.This is a bigger painting so he's been working on it for 5 days.
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