Wi-fi before roads

I am staying in this small village in a Yao minority-tribe region of China. I had to walk an hour up the mountain to arrive here since there are no roads to this village. But by golly they have pretty good wi-fi! Many other parts of China are without toilets, but they have excellent cell phone coverage. People value communication over many other necessities.

We are surrounded by amazing rice terraces, another classic image from China. These terraces require an immense amount of hand-work to maintain their form and function. They erode quickly without constant patching up. And farming rice on them takes yet more work -- much more than growing rice on large farms. These terraces took a thousand years to create; but I predict they will be gone -- overgrown and disintegrating -- in 100 years. No one will want to keep them up, unless the government simply pays them as a tourist attraction. I hope they do since these structures are stunning.
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